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New Moon in Cancer July 9th 6:16 pm PDT "We are Family"

Our yearly New Moon in Cancer is a promising event, much needed in the aftermath of the painful and challenging connections of Sun to Chiron and Mars to Saturn and Uranus.

There is a call for nurturance, truly Cancer’s “forte,” for intentions and actions focused on care and compassion for ourselves and others, rather than power struggles and marital clashes of idea or ideal. It’s time to see our fellow living beings as part of the whole we live and breathe in.

Do you know how everything on Earth is interdependent? All beings living and dead assist each other- we breathe in what trees exhale, thousands of bacteria live in your body symbiotically, assisting you to absorb nutrients from food, the entire human race shares ancestors- and everything in the Universe is essentially made up of the same things. We are all connected.

Astrologically, the sign of Cancer is connected to the element of water and its planetary ruler is none other than our Earth’s Moon. When Moon is in its place of rulership it is comfortable, “it” flows and seeks to express its amazing gift of emotional intelligence, empathy, connectivity, and intuitive understanding. During the time Moon is in Cancer, we may feel more sensitive to others or our own feeling natures, we may want closeness and compassion, to be contained or nourished by our loved ones and to nourish others too.

There are some good aspects from planetary allies to this lunation, Uranus is in a helpful sextile relationship, perhaps we can discover new ways to repair hurts, to get love or to love others better now- and Neptune beams into our New Moon via a supportive trine, this indicates at best, a spiritual presence of higher love and a deepening compassion for our personal and collective suffering. We can detect hurts and heal them with carefully applied empathy too. Try to expand your emotional intelligence by “putting your feet in another’s shoes” and imagine what it feels like to be someone or something else.

Pluto in Capricorn opposes the Moon broadly though, and it is SO OFTEN a power struggle to get our needs met when we give our power away. We need to remember, we do not need to!

Remember this quote from Mahatma Ghandi “ No one can hurt me without my permission.” Pull in your sensitivities via improved boundaries and self care.

Take some time to find your own inner wellspring of connection this Moon. Walk in Nature and contemplate its mysteries, read about and study the ways we are all related to everything else, do something for yourself and others that focuses on caring. Cook a meal with love, be kind to yourself and all things, remember, we are ALL family!

Write down New Moon wishes along the lines of nurturance this Thursday/ Friday and if you know where 18 degrees of Cancer falls in your chart wheel, creating petitions or wishes along the lines of that arena of life/ house is wonderful. For instance, this Moon happens to be right on top of my natal Moon in the 7th house, so I am going to focus my wishes on bettering my one on one relationships!

Here are some wonderful little water rituals for you to focus on this week, adapted from

1. Care for Your Drinking Water

Drinking enough water gives you life. When you’re low on fluids, you certainly notice as sluggishness, headaches, and achiness creeps in. Refresh your usual drinking source and put fresh lemon, lime, orange, basil, mint or cucumber in your water for a light flavoring. Be more appreciative of your water by using an eye-pleasing glass container that reflects the purity and simple beauty of the water, so that you feel uplifted with each sip.

2. Bless Your Water

It’s time for a little visualization. Imagine or sense the positive quality you wish to amplify in the water. Before you drink, feel gratitude for the water that is about to cleanse, heal and nourish all the cells in your body. Imbue it into your drink, or even your shower or bath water. The power of your thought is stronger than you might know, so really focus in on all the

benefits you wish to have.

3. Cleanse Your Body Every Day

Water can’t cleanse your energy unless you use it. Some of us absorb the energy of others very easily. Therefore, get purifying with your energy. One way to cleanse the days’ events is to have either a quick shower or saltwater bath before bed. This will ensure better sleep, as well, a deeper and less dream energy-consuming slumber. It helps you be less restless, once the negative energy is gone.

4. Visualize Through Your Water

Visualization is a powerful tool, so if you’ve never used it, water is an easy, simple introduction. Begin by imagining or sensing any stressful situations flowing down the drain as you wash your hands. Release the tension or stress through your hands and let it float somewhere far away.

Many Blessings,


Art " mother-gaia" by Annalynn Hammond

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