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New Moon in Cancer, June 28th 7:52 Pm PDT

In a New Moon, the physical Moon is invisible, dark, not reflecting the light of the Sun. It is a new monthly lunar cycle, a time of conception as it merges with the Solar energy.

Our Moon’s phases represent the cyclical nature of all things in Life, and remind us of our need for instinctual connections, for deep connection felt via emotion and response.

The Moon is the Earth’s only satellite, with the greatest gravitational impact and Astrologically Moon is our feeling and reacting nature, both individually and collectively.

This particular lunation’s aspects tell an interesting story, as the Moon and Sun, conjunct Moon’s apogee ( the point where the Moon’s orbit is farthest from Earth), named “Black Moon Lilith.”

Black Moon Lilith is the dark Moon, named after a Babylonian Great Goddess Lilltu, demonized by Jewish Mythology as the original mate of Adam who would not submit to Male dominance. It’s telling now in this Cancer time that a form of “Great Goddess” or container/ fertile energy is accompanied by its dark, remote point. Humans are a part of nature, and a part of nature is subjugated now..

“ In transit, the Dark Moon indicates some form of (feminine) castration or frustration, frequently in the areas of desire, a powerlessness of the psyche, or a general inhibition. On the other hand, it shows where we question our lives, our jobs, and our beliefs.” *

Jupiter in martial Aries squares this lunation very closely, symbolizing the “people” or the feminine (Moon) being at odds with Laws or beliefs in a place of power.

“Jupiter the planetary symbol came to relate to those laws, principles, perspectives and ethics which set a context for a larger vision of life. In its shadow face, those dimensions become distorted into that within human nature which imagines itself to be above the law, able to annex God to its own side, always able to justify action no matter how dire and inhumane.”**

This New Moon also features a chart with a “line up” of planets in squares, that is Sun/Moon and BLM in Cancer closely square Jupiter and loosely Chiron, while Ceres (another Mother Goddess aspect) in Cancer squares Chiron, Eris and Mars. Pluto in Capricorn is square to Eris and Mars as well. It’s a contentious time, with Juno and Neptune in Pisces possibly providing help via their sextile to Uranus, our North Node and Pallas Athena- strategic partnerships could bring insights between polarized factions now.

Look to bridge gaps in ideologies with understanding and insight.

Do a ritual or write out your new moon wishes for the feminine collective this Moon, to bring strength to their fight for equality and protection from subjugation and manipulation via laws that jeopardize their bodily sovereignty.

Use Moon related candles, silver, black and blue colors, Incenses like Myrrh or Sandalwood, and Herbs such as Mint, Moon Flower, Mugwort and Rose.

Create a petition as you light your candles, remember light follows the night.

Have faith and do the work.

Moon Blessings.



*(Joëlle de Gravelaine in "Lilith und das Loslassen", Astrologie Heute Nr. 23

**Anne Whitaker- When Jupiter Meets Uranus

art unknown- Lillith

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