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New Moon in Capricorn- 1/11/2024 3:57 am PST

Happy New Moon!


At a New Moon Sun and Moon conjoin, allowing the Moon to “birth” a new cycle.

In grounded Capricorn we are looking at the archetypes of the Achiever, the Authority or  Boss. Capricorn teaches us that as we make an effort to take account of our own participation in life, we can gain wisdom in and over time. At the least we can become our own personal Authority on ourselves!

The quality of this time features Moon and Sun square the Nodes of the Moon in Aries/ Libra. This can bring aspects of “karma and dharma” in personal and collective news stories. Specifically, what have we been doing or not doing to keep the peace? What aspects of our lives have we been procrastinating about? Are we not “deciding” on a course of action? Have we have been choosing co- dependent behaviors?

The lunation helps with a Trine aspect to Uranus, which will move direct in a few weeks, helping us move forward by providing events, insights and illuminations regarding stuck situations. We may need to highlight the new, the unusual and unexpected to accomplish our goals.Why not try a new approach to an old problem?

The Zeitgeist of great change provides learning to collectively manage ourselves with others this year. The eclipses in the Aries/ Libra access, prod us to see where our ME meets the WE.. To “weigh”  the approach of force with the energy of attraction.

 What works best in getting your needs met?? 

Moons dispositor is Saturn that old devil, also asking all of us to use common sense, to take our time and to take responsibility for our “portion” or contribution.

Responsibility doesn’t have to be boring though.. We have a stellium in Capricorn- and Mars- ruler of our North Node is exalted in the sign. Mars focused power here joins jubilant Jupiter in aspecting Saturn “creatively” via sextile. 

This New Moon provides the earthy mettle, the grounded form to manifest a PLAN. Look to where Capricorn is in your Astrology for deeper insight on what can be worked with.

If you have planets or angles of the chart at near the 20 degree point of Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) this is an especially potent New Moon for manifestation and change.

Ask yourself, where is the sun shining a light for you? Where can this light of awareness birth a new pattern (Moon) of being and behaving?

Make your wishes and petitions to the gods!

Ask for “the courage to change the things you can” and the wisdom and insight to allow the will of the cosmos to flow within and without you.

Here are some basic suggestions on where you can improve best with the New Moon- based on Ascendant/ Rising Sign:

Aries- Career, Direction, Status

Taurus – Learning, Travel, Mind Expansion

Gemini- Intimacy, Receiving Support, Vulnerability

Cancer- Sharing, Partnering, Others Needs

Leo- Work, Habits, Health

Virgo- Creativity, Play, Love

Libra- Family, Home, Self Esteem

Scorpio- Mind, Communication, Siblings

Sagittarius- Resources, Money, Values

Capricorn- Body/Self, Approach, Energy

Aquarius - Subconscious Patterns, Spirituality, Dreamwork

Pisces- Community and Friends, Groups, Altruism



Art by Stellar Design Studio

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