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New Moon in Gemini 6/6/24 5:37 am PDT


Gemini, the first air sign in Astrology- is all about connections.

It’s the connections our brains make within our nerve endings, with our connective tissues and lungs.

Astrologically, the element of air symbolizes breath and breathing as well as thought and thinking. Its focus is on the associations we make when we process and communicate information, experience and insight.

Gemini’s air expression is social as it focuses on themes of friends, siblings, children and learning. Its archetypal expression loves movement, variety and all forms of communication and its mode of expression is mutable, meaning flexible and adapting.

The sign’s symbol is the divine twins, and Mercury/Hermes the winged messenger god of our Greco-Roman God pantheon is the sign’s planetary ruler.

Mercury is a unique god, androgynous and the only Olympian to move freely between the realms or worlds. In Astrology, the planet Mercury also represents mind, thinking, communication style and expression. Like the god, ones’ mind or awareness can move between levels of consciousness or interdimensional, crossing thresholds of perception.

New Moon and Sun in Gemini present us with an opportunity to connect, communicate and “pollinate” new endeavors, ideas and plans. Also conjoined with Venus, the lunation promises harmonious or pleasing alliances- potential breakthroughs or fresh starts.

Mercury, as dispositor or “ruler” of Moon is fresh from its conjunction with Jupiter, so we may even be feeling more hopeful that we can “get through” to someone or something. There is an element of Justice being served.  

Saturn in Pisces square the event may also provide some lasting support or even suggest that looking towards a solid philosophical bedrock, a tried-and-true wisdom is the best course.


This New moon is ideal for manifesting dreams through getting clear on what we want and writing down our plans/wishes. Starting an affirmation practice or beginning new therapeutic modalities are also favored as is signing contracts, forging alliances or negotiating.


Use this energy to move forward!

Carpe Diem!



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