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New Moon in Gemini- June 17-18 9:36pm pdt

If you don’t like the world you’re living in

Take a look around you, at least you got friends

Come on lady for friendly word

She picked up the phone, dropped it on the floor

Ah, ah is all I heard

-Let’s Go Crazy- Prince ( Sun, Mercury Gemini)

Gemini, the first air sign in Astrology- is all about connections.

The element of air symbolizes breath and breathing as well as thought and thinking.

Its focus is on the connections we make with others when we communicate our own information, experience, and insight, the processes of symbols strung together in written and spoken languages.

Essentially, a social sign, Gemini gathers a variety of experiences, ideas and information.

Its mode of expression is mutable, meaning flexible and adapting. Fittingly it’s symbol is the divine Twins, dual and connected.

At a New Moon the Sun and Moon conjoin, this is a lunation cycle’s new beginning, literally and energetically. We’ve moved from a time of dark moon release to the “cauldron of re-birth.” Here we await the emerging light of our night sky luminary, symbolically our guide through, an illumination of consciousness.

This is a sacred fertilization that sows the seeds of the lunar cycle, and within the next two weeks at the first square and full of the Moon- we may have some of our answers.

Whether we pay attention to this or not, this is the energetic force of a new Moon; and with awareness, we can answer the call to change to renewal or opportunity.

Sun, Moon and Mercury in Gemini now wants us to network, to have multiple projects, people, ideas and potentials.

To honor this energy, contemplate where Gemini is in your Astrology, though this energy is released into the collective, it becomes personal in your own chart, which is your own experienced awareness “pattern.”

Our Sun/Moon are conjoined with Asteroid Goddess Juno, the “planetoid” of partnership, and squared by Neptune in its domicile. Neptune in Pisces is the collective “dreaming” of our future. This group of energies is looking to find ways to create direction and commitment within an ever changing and "murky” environment.

Right now we may just want to commit to something factual, Gemini needs instructions- a diagram or plan! Ceres in Virgo ( my personal choice for rulership) also beams in by aspect with “her” two cents. From this I intuited Mother Ceres saying the following;

Explore your options with an open mind, learn to healthily discriminate what is YOUR right way and trust this. Know you are co-creating your earthly experience with all that is, and have power in the endeavor, imagining and envisioning is the foundation of the plan.

Gather experiences at this New Moon and separate what you want from what you don’t. Then turn towards the Sun of your potential and answer the Call!”

Write down your wishes around where Gemini at last decan (20-29) is in your chart.

For me it’s the 6th house- so this will be around my health and wellness, a big theme for me since the Mars RX there last year. This New Moon also squares my Saturn/Neptune and Uranus Pluto! That’s a big deal- and I am trying to make a transformation here.

We can all experience hope in a New Moon, as a new pattern emerges, new directions, a call to adventure again. We have the divine gift of awareness and the spark of knowing we are creative participants in our life journey.

Where does this New Moon fall in your Astrology? Observe this, commit to exploring or committing or wishing. We do this incarnation in inter-dependence so ask for help too!

New Moon Blessings,


Photo by Tiffany Combs

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