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New Moon in Gemini; May 30th 4:30 am PDT- 11:30 am GMT

Updated: May 30, 2022

I recently returned home from England, where I had the privilege of spending several days in Greenwich.

There I visited the Royal Observatory, founded in 1675 and home of “Greenwich Mean Time,” and the “Prime Meridian” of the World. Here was the famous birthplace of our understanding of longitude, which divides the Eastern and Western hemispheres, as well as the site of the plotting of many of our Universe’s stars, and because Astronomy and time are connected, the development/invention of accurate clocks through the convention of the GMT standard.

Thousands of scientific observations of the Moon and Stars were made from this place over many hundreds of years, and as an Astrologer, this was my “Mecca.” A pilgrimage to the place that made modern personal “Horoscopes” (Greek for hour marker) so accurate, for as you know our Natal charts depend on Latitude and Longitude as well as an exact time of birth.

Invention reminds me of Gemini, whose Keyword is “I think,” and whose archetypal expression is associated with the element of Air, related to thought, the mind, connections and communication we make in our individual consciousness. Gemini's dual nature brings forth an awareness that rises from these connections, and the ability to use the connected responses to invent and communicate our ideas.

The Sabian Symbol ( a series of intuited visual images for each degree of the Zodiac) for the New Moon on Gemini 10, is “ An Airplane Dives to Earth as though Falling.”

This image connects to the idea that this Airplane is perhaps performing a stunt, that it is not actually plunging to earth, there is an idea that “Will” is at the helm, there is an ability to work with gravity to maintain control in a dangerous situation through our created “vehicles of movement,” to pull ourselves out at the last minute.

Though it may seem we are all nosediving into oblivion we can and will get out of it- through utilizing all we have got. The idea is to use the mind and its positive and powerful inventions to NOT crash and burn.

This fresh lunation cycle brings us out of the shadow of our Eclipse cycle, Some renewal calls from the destruction and crisis of the past.

Mercury “rules” or disposits this event, and through still Retrograde in Taurus, it’s recent emergence from Solar re-charge, allows for some insight to be gained from review of the past events.

Where did we go wrong?

What stories have we bought into that are not accurate?

How can we use our personal and collective minds to pull ourselves out of a “nosedive”?

A creative Sextile from Mars conjoined with Jupiter in Aries may provide the “energy” we need for lift. Chiron however is also here- we have some deep wounds of SELF IDENTITY and these wounds may make us want to FIGHT ( Aries) for what we perceive as victimization (Pisces).

Gemini’s Dual nature provides a fresh perspective, new expressions are found and integrated.

Mercury and Venus as well as inventive Uranus join our North Node in the sign of the master gardener Taurus asking us to “seed and weed” our thoughts and belief systems.

We must invite and invent new ways to relate to ourselves and others, to promote harmony and peace within and without.

As Voltaire wrote,

“We must cultivate our own garden, inside ourselves, within our own mind”

Together we can create new thought worlds that manifest internally and EXTERNALLY. As Within, so Without"

On this new Moon, think and visualize what you wish your world to

be, then create a plan of personal action and it write it down!

Keep this plan somewhere you can see it daily.

Imbue your action plan with your passionate desire, as you call on your Gods and Ancestors, the Great Spirit of Nature, the Universal energy, Angels for their assistance in actualizing it.

All hands on Deck.



art by Tullio Cralli

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