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New Moon in Libra October 8th 8:46pm PDT

All new Moons are times of beginnings and creating fresh starts in our lives.

This new Moon is in the airy; Venus ruled sign of Libra, which happens to be the only sign of the zodiac represented with an inanimate symbol. (the scales of justice).

Libra has domain over the time of the year when the days and nights are of equal length and its energetic operation is to create balance and moderation wherever it is positioned.

Venus, the ruler of our lunation, has recently retrograded in Scorpio- pointing to a huge emphasis on the dance between our deep inner needs and the needs of others.

Mars, the warrior planet conjuncts Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius and creates friction with Venus, resulting in a collective and personal energetic imperative to acknowledge the depth of any hidden pain or trauma in our past experience. This expression is urgent and a necessity in moving forward healthily into the future. Neptune in Pisces helps the process by beaming down a light of empathy for ourselves and connection to others stories.

Make sure to let off steam safely and keep compassion for yourself and others while expressing yourself around this Moon. If power struggles ensue, between our feminine “receptivity” and “masculine” activity, Libra’s message holds the key- there must be room for both.

Pluto in Capricorn steps in to the mix too, creating friction with our new Moon- but also stability. Pluto is invested in evolving us- through the death/ re-birth process of growth. In Capricorn it’s evolving all of our structures, habits or authorities, demonstrating what needs re-birthing.

Libra season points to peace, but in order to find it sometimes things in our lives need to be transformed before they are brought into balance.

As in an alchemical process dissolution precedes coagulation.

Let the things go that need to before setting new plans in motion this New Moon. Take a deep dive into your thoughts and beliefs, wishes and dreams. If you do the work of exploring this terrain and balancing self-exploration with action intended to better your world, this can be a powerful time period of metamorphosis and manifestation!

Below is a ritual for balance you can do anytime from

You'll need a black candle and a white one of any size, although tealights probably work best. Make sure you have something safe to put them in, either a candle holder or a bowl of sand.

Light both candles, and say the following:

A balance of night and day, a balance of light and dark

Tonight I seek balance in my life

as it is found in the Universe.

A black candle for darkness and pain

and things I can eliminate from my life.

A white candle for the light, and for joy

and all the abundance I wish to bring forth.

At the time of the equinox,

there is harmony and balance in the Universe,

and so there shall be in my life.

Meditate on the things you wish to change. Focus on eliminating the bad, and strengthening the good around you. Put toxic relationships into the past, where they belong, and welcome new positive relationships into your life. Let your baggage go, and take heart in knowing that for every dark night of the soul, there will be a sunrise the next morning.

As always contact me for information on my readings. Blessed be!

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