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New Moon in Libra September 25th, 2022, 2:54 pm PDT

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun and Moon:


New perspectives and realizations. Waking up to a new consciousness or reality. Radical shifts and changes. Huge changes that erase what went before. Events out of nowhere.

The Caution: Holding on to the past despite all evidence and reason to move on OR being the first one out the door. Refusing that things are getting better.* * Lynda Hills Sabian Oracle

Physically, new Moon’s happen when the Moons orbit around Earth moves between Earth and Sun. It’s illuminated surface is faced away from us now. Our Moon's orbit creates its beautiful phases and in only a few days, a new, slender crescent will be present.

Astrologically, the new Moon represents the conception of a new lunar cycle of emotional and psychic emphasis. There is darkness first, and in the dark we perceive the ever present movement into something new.

This new Moon in Libra seeks to remind us of the Dawn following the dark, and introduces the ideas of harmony, peace, getting back to balance, or even of the need for right relationship, justice and equality. This Moon and our Sun are ruled by Venus, the planet of pleasure and relatedness, and there can be a sense of growing expansion, perhaps it’s also coming from the very close opposition of Jupiter in Aries whose style is “Let’s go- NOW” and “Me first.”

Venus in Virgo, is also close to Mercury Retrograde now at 27 degrees of Virgo- and they are both in a loose conjunction with our New Moon and trining Pluto. This may lend another clue to what is going on, which requires us to discriminate healthily in our communication and alliances. Namely to ask ourselves- “ Is this ____ healthy for me?

If it's not- the trine from Pluto can say, let It GO.

It could be negative self-talk,a sense of doom and gloom or just warring factions at play in the workplace or home. NOW is the time to heed a famous Libra’s call “ All we are saying, is give peace a chance.”

It always starts with you, and then the two of us, the three, the group and so on.

Astrology teaches that everyone has the ability to bring harmony to themselves and to their connections with others to the extent that they become at peace with themselves and therefore contribute that peace to the greater whole.

When we can determine what brings us personal peace, we can cultivate a new dawn in our lives, our loves and our communities. Open yourself to this potential.

Cultivate peace and harmony this Moon by first creating a ritual of release. Choose a negative idea or word and write it down, you can burn the paper (safely please) releasing the idea as the smoke rises- burning it out, you can also do the same with your mind, allowing an inner spark to destroy the thought or visualize it being buried in the earth forever, recycled and transformed.

Afterward write down 5 wishes you want to cultivate in your life around your desire for harmony and balance.

New Moon Blessings !


" New Dawn" Art by Vicky Helms

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