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New Moon in Pisces March 6th, 2019 8:03am PST

Sabian Symbol “A Creative Individual Experiences a Flow of Inspiration"

Happy New Moon Loves! This year’s flowy Pisces New Moon is super- charged with messages and connections!

As you know, New Moons are conjunctions- mergings of the Sun and Moon, that energetically birth something new- which is represented by the sign and aspects of the lunation.

The sign of Pisces is co-ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune- both of which happen to be strongly aspecting this event! Sun, Moon, Neptune, Vesta (Asteroid Goddess of the inner flame) and Mercury RX are all gathered in the sign now too!

This makes for a very powerful experience of the Archetypal energy of Pisces: Mystical, Dreamy, Otherworldly, Spiritual. It can also feel vague and amorphous! Just prior to the Moon you may experience dreams and get messages from your sub or super conscious. Pay attention to these, as they provide information on your inner journey. Mercury has just turned Retrograde (March 5th- 28th) our first Planetary retrograde of the year, which especially puts the focus on inner dialogue of a deeply feeling, spiritual nature. The next 3 weeks or so of Pisces season are optimal for spiritual pursuits, divinations, healings and magickal workings. This energy is stabilized by a positive, supportive Sextile to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn too, providing an outlet or container for our inspired messages, as well as the transformative power to see our fears and experience them as isolated from our true reality. We can take steps to manifest or create our visions, heal from our trauma and possibly unravel some of the personal and collective knots within our psyche. Give yourself the next 28 days or so to make this magick, and let things flow! As Mercury is also stationed at the Anaretic degree of 29 Pisces, messages and communications in general may be murky, difficult to discern and non-verbal. Remember that sometimes answers are given in a non-linear fashion.. Look to your dreams, hunches and other enlightening/ illuminating events to guide you.

Set Intentions and write down wishes around connecting deeply with the topics above, if you know where Pisces falls in your personal Natal Chart, set some intentions around these themes too, you will see extra power there.

Here is a ritual for creating New Moon Water adapted from, which you can drink throughout the month whenever you want to connect more deeply with your New Moon Wishes.

New Moon Water focuses on new beginnings, new employment, opportunities, relationships etc. If you open a new business or take a new job and want to encourage success, use New Moon Water with magick for these purposes to give them and extra boost of energy. Planting or Gardening? Use an ounce of New Moon Water with the water you soak the plants in with to help them thrive. When moving into a new home, add an ounce or two to the water you initially clean with, in blessings and consecrations of the new home. Every spell related to a new proposition, prospect or beginning benefits from the addition of this water.

When crafting your moon and sun based waters, you might choose to add crystals, stones or metals to the jar as well. This adds additional properties to the water. Some of the most popular are adding silver to moon-based waters and gold to sun-based waters. These tricks are popular with many witches. Depending upon the source of the water, if it is clean enough, you may drink the waters and gain the energy of the water before practicing the spells, as well as adding the water to the spells. It is your magick, only you can decide how you want to practice it. To Proceed, fill a jar with water, add any stones, metals, herbs, etc., you wish to infuse into the water as well and close the jar lid tightly. For moon waters, take it outside after the sun has set in your area. Personally, I prefer to invert the jar to get the maximum coverage surface. Leave it outside in an area that is clear of brush, trees, and buildings so the moon has an opportunity to shine down upon the jar. Granted the actual light of the moon is not crucial (cloudy nights will still charge the water sufficiently for your use), but it gives the water a clearer taste. Simply remember to bring it in before sunup the next morning.

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