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New Moon in Sagittarius 12/12/23 3:32 am pst




“Door of Perception”


The dawn of clarity comes to our consciousness with the conjunction of Sun and New Moon in mutable fire sign Sagittarius; the Zodiac sign whose expression contains the journey of mind expansion, illumination or cohesion, of blending ideas into beliefs, data into theory and hypothesis. This last fire sign is concerned with learning and perceiving the development of “big-picture” ideas, spiritual truths and laws.

 There is a transformative quality to the Sagittarian energy that doesn’t want to be confined, insisting on freedom of being, even as its shadow side can be dogmatic, insistent that it’s own definition of truth is supreme.

Our New Moon chart features a square aspect from Neptune, presenting a “cross current” of confusion, or perhaps unbounded possibility, via creative imagination, psychic or spiritual  experience. Later this same day Mercury stations Retrograde in Capricorn and will return to Sagittarius 12/23. For the next three weeks communicate carefully and use your mind to perceive reality with depth before you react.

 For example, if you are struggling with a situation that includes varied beliefs, or morals or ideas of justice, Neptune could be providing you with a non-linear insight on how to move forward. The “ocean” of transcendence, of love and compassion, is available to dive in to. This is very non- polarized- could both sides have merit?  

We also have help from the North Node of the Moon-that elliptical point where our eclipse cycles can be found, which is conjunct Chiron in Aries. There is a wound of identity to be addressed.

It screams “I  AM” See me! See my suffering and rise in compassionate action”    


The lunation events can be a “lesson” for us, or simply an opportunity to develop. There is a seed planted and each of us can either care for it, so that it grows and thrives- or ignore it, so that its promise dies or is stunted.

This New Moon invites all of to work on its energetic form. If you have planets in Sagittarius (also lessor in Gemini, Virgo and Pisces) from 15-25 degrees, you’re apt to feel this call to birth a new paradigm of knowing more strongly- and you have deep power to create change in your life now.

Another hint for what we are going through is found in the Sabian Symbol for the lunation:


This Symbol implies the ability, or the necessity, of indulging in playing, pretending and make believe as an escape or indulgence in fantasy. Play and fantasy are very important and can lighten up one’s life and playing with pets can be great fun. Sometimes it pictures a situation of people pretending to be something that they are not. Perhaps someone is pretending to be in control or to be smarter than they are. Sometimes, though, this can work to make a consciousness shift. *


This spark can let in light to what has seemed dark- its fitting to do a fire ritual accompanying your manifestation wishes this Moon. Simply light a candle and write down up to 5 “wishes.”


 If you know where this event falls in your Natal Chart, make the list along the themes of the house/ place for best results.


Here are suggestions for your New Moon Petitions/Wishes based on Rising Sign.


Aries: NM in 9th Wish for broader insight and understanding, for more personal expansion through travel, culture, teaching and law

Taurus: NM in 8th Wish for deeper intimacy with others, to gain financial assistance or freedom from debt, to have connection and support from ancestors and loves in other realms

Gemini: NM 7th Wish for new partners and better current partnering, clarity in relationships.

Cancer: NM 6th- Wish for better health , new job or improved workplace, pet health or new pets.

Leo: NM 5th- Wish for Joy via play and creativity, children or childs well being, new or improved love affair.

Virgo: NM 4th- Wishes for family’s well being, new home or improvements in home as well as increase in self esteem.

Libra: NM in 3rd- Wish for “sunnier” thought processes, new ideas, better communication and happiness with siblings, local travel.

Scorpio: NM 2nd- Wish for improvement in resources, salary or real estate as well as a more expansive outlook on your TRUE priorities and values!

Sagittarius: NM in 1st -Wish for NEW YOU, turning over a new leaf, new approach to life, making yourself count and be seen- getting what you want!

Capricorn: NM 12th- Wish for guidance from your higher self, spiritual guides or teachers, therapies to find/ heal unconscious/subconscious complexes and a general “improved perception.”

Aquarius: NM 11th- Wish for your dreams to come true, for your friends to come “through” for you and for your ability to see how much of an impact your make in the world!

Pisces: NM 10th- Wish for a new horizon, new career, new “status” in life. Wish to ride into the “sunset” with glee!




Happy New Moon.



Art by Michael Parke

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