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New Moon in Sagittarius: December 6th 2018

New Moon in Sagittarius December 6th 11:20pm PST

As our days in the Northern Hemisphere become shorter and the darkness rises up, we have the light of Sagittarius Season to guide, illuminate and inspire us to move forward, to progress and endure. The element of fire infuses this conjunction of the Sun and Moon, as does the overlay of Sagittarius’s ruling planet Jupiter, now powerfully at home and beaming expansive energy into the birthing of the new. This is the very last New Moon of the year and an especially Magickal time to perform any intention setting ritual that centers on expansion and positivity. Magical, Mystical Neptune in Pisces also plays a strong part in the cosmic party. Riding alongside Mars and newly in direct motion, this planet sends a shimmering and compassionate beam of light directly into our hopes and dreams. Our imaginations are sparked and our intuitions can be extra sensitive now. Mercury also stations direct earlier on the 6th, joining every planet in the solar system other than Uranus- in strong forward motion. Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are also situated in their sign rulers. This can bring us an opening to personal and collective energetic re-birth- much needed after the deep soul searching and shadow work of the last year. Optimism and Faith are key words of the lunation- along with Courage and Expansion. Take the time to step in to the potentials you have.Believe, trust and consciously move into the light of the season!

Here is a New Moon Ritual To do for this Month, to add to your intention setting. I was inspired by the Goddess Hekate in her aspect as a guide through darkness and a purifier of spirit. This is adapted from archetypalwitchcraft.wordpress In Antiquity Hekate was strongly connected with purification of persons or the household- and in this ritual we will address Hekate in her roles as a Goddess of purification- but also in her aspects as the Goddess who has powers over the spheres of earth, sea and sky and who is the ensouler of the cosmos and the shining guide. You will need: A devotional shrine to Hekate with a picture, image or statue of the Goddess. Two candles to illuminate the shrine One white, red or yellow pillar candle An apple or pomegranate (as offering) Three bowls Garlic, Onion or an egg Water (if possible source water) Lavender, basil, rosemary or hyssop Incense . Light the two candles that are on the left and right side of the statue/image of Hekate on your shrine. Speak: “I light these divine flames in the name of the great Goddess Hekate, may her divine fire be present on this shrine, and may her light bring protection and blessings.” Burn some incense and say: “I burn this incense for the great Hekate, may this smell welcome her on this shrine”. You may also use this prayer “Hekate Pasikrateia- great and powerful Goddess, heavenly, earthly, underworldly, Key holding queen of the cosmos, ensouler of life, bearer of divine fire, you who have power over earth, seas and sky, almighty queen Be here on this shrine, and bring your protection, blessings and love!”) Burn again some incense and take the incense into your hands and let it circle three times over the shrine and let the smoke touch the image of the Goddess. Speak: “I offer you this incense Io Hekate, Io Pasikrateia.” Ask her to help you to clean yourself from all negativity and harmful influences. Take the garlic/onion/egg out of the first bowl and hold it in your hands. Imagine that all negative energies flow like a dark energy out of your body, when you feel it is enough say in your own words that you free yourself from all negative influences in the name of Hekate Chthonia. Take the water into your hands. Ask Hekate Einalia in your own words to bless the water. To fill it with her love and light. Sprinkle the water again and again over yourself and speak again and again: Io Hekate Io Einalia. While you do this imagine that the water cleanses you and the love of the Goddess fills you. Now take the incense out of the third bowl and pray to Hekate Ourania to bless and clean you. Smudge yourself with the incense; imagine that you begin to glow and to shine and that all remaining negativity leaves you. Now take the red/yellow/white candle and light it on the flames of the other candles. Hold it in front of you- so that the reflection of it light can reach you. Now ask Hekate Soteira to clean you with her light. Now you can meditate, enjoy the presence of Hekate, do divination, play instruments, dance or do other devotional acts to Hekate. Or thank her and close the rite Thank her with your own words. Ask her to guide you with her light. To protect you and your home and to bring her blessings into your life.

photo source columboduro

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