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New Moon in Scorpio October 27th, 2019 8:38 pm PST

Octobers New Moon in Scorpio, a lunation that begins a new emotional cycle collectively is complex, surprising and powerfully regenerative. Scorpio’s archetypal expression includes the need to create and consciously experience endings or “deaths” within life, in order to dive deep into the mystery of the vitality of life- Which is that it is both stable and unstable, visible and invisible and that this both causes and supports creation.

This Sun/Moon conjunction is exactly opposing the revolutionary planet Uranus RX in Taurus. Uranus is “Freedom from the Known” so look for sudden developments, secrets coming out and surprising news leading up to and around this time. The Truth about your current situation is likely to begin revealing itself. The co-dispositors of the Moon- Mars and Pluto are square, there may be friction, a fight or two forces at odds-as well the potential for peace ( Mars in Libra) existing behind the implacable need for many to be "right" or THE AUTHORITY or POWER in a situation (Pluto in Capricorn).

The idea that Scorpio’s hidden powers- which include the un-seen and the apparent ending of things- has essential value in the cyclical nature of creation is a key focus now. That this “ births” something new ( Uranus in Taurus), in fact, that all life is renewed in death- is the key image of this Moon. An awareness of letting go- emotionally, in the ongoing process of mastering our inner selves and therefore re-birthing ourselves psychologically is highlighted.

The development of a mature strength and faith in our ability to connect our wild and instinctual self with our civilized and cultured selves, to center our lives in love and trust learning to re-imagine and re-birth our lives graciously, to blend and harmonize is essential now. To do this we must be centered in what we appreciate in our lives, even as we strive for our ideals and let go of those things that do not represent our values.

Here is a small ritual to do to get to the bottom of any Mystery you may have in your life, adapted from net Simple Truth Spell

This is a simple spell to help you reveal the truth about any situation. It can be helpful if you feel that something is being purposefully hidden from you, or if you seek clarity about any situation in your life. For this truth spell, you will need: A lapis lazuli gemstone (must be cleansed before use – do this by soaking the stone in water with a pinch of sea-salt, or by holding it over a lit stick of incense, cleansing it with the smoke) or alternatively a lapis lazuli orgonite, which does not need cleansing A white or purple spell candle Performing the truth spell Center and ground yourself, then cast your circle. Light the candle in front of you, and meditate on the light of the flame for a few minutes, clearing your mind of all thought as best you can. Then, take the lapis lazuli crystal into your hand. Close your eyes and see a bright white flame with your mind’s eye. See the flame growing larger and larger, filling the whole circle with light. Make this light as strong as you can, and hold this image for a minute or so. Then, send this light into the crystal you are holding. Visualise the lapis stone absorbing all the light inside the circle, until it glows brighter than a thousand flames. Repeat the following incantation: May the truth I seek Be revealed to me, May the hidden come to light, So mote it be. Close the circle. The lapis lazuli crystal is now enchanted to reveal the truth of any situation. Before you go to sleep, place the crystal under your pillow, and intend for the truth to be revealed to you in your dreams. (You don’t need to remember your dreams for this to work – the truth will come to you in the form of intuition and gut feelings during the day). When you are not using the crystal, keep it wrapped in a white cloth, and don’t let it be handled by anyone other than yourself.

Photo: Chose Darkness by Lawrence Drayton Photography

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