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New Moon in Virgo 9/17/2020 4:00am PDT

“Discerning Activities”

A new lunar cycle is born every new moon, where we have a chance to create a new reality for ourselves, to set intentions as we release with the dark moon, shedding layers of our past as we prepare to rebirth ourselves. This is the important work of consciousness, the never ending cycles of growth that include infinite endings and beginnings throughout our lives.

The Sun and Moon come together now to conceive in the archetype of Mercury ruled Virgo. This energetic style includes discerning and separating to refine. With Virgo we separate “the chaff from the wheat” as we harvest what we have sown. We understand what it means to wash our hands, wear our masks, creating habits that are healthful and in service to the good of all.

The Luminaries oppose Neptune and Trine Saturn both retrograde. The critical faculties of Virgo help to shine a light on truth, as we sort through the collective illusions that face us. Mercury sits now in the sign of Libra, emphasizing balance and justice.

What is your truth? This New Moon will help grow what YOU understand about the “reality” of data and the senses. To find a truth that is grounded, sensible and foundationally sound.

Remember that in order to not get lost in myriad potentials that occur in the mind we have to “come down to earth” sometimes!

Use the energy of this New Moon for rituals and to make wishes to help and heal your body, ground you to your center, connect you to the healing power of earth, to discriminate, strategize, or make plans. Where you have late Virgo in your chart, you have the power to rebirth.

Get ready for the truth, and a doorway to pull yourselves out of Neptune’s depths now. Remember that the truth will set you free. Find it now, and make sure it’s grounded and foundationally sound!

New Moon Blessings


"Keeper of the Moon" Art by She Who is

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