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Sagittarius Season 2020

Welcome to Sagittarius Season! This time period is a light in the the Sun’s waning journey, featuring bright decorations, Holiday feasts and buoyant celebrations that offset the increasing darkness, and provide antidote to Scorpios previous dark passage of release. Sagittarius’s ruling planet is Jupiter, the jubilant, largest planet in the solar system. Jupiter has ever been associated with expansion, and is considered the ancient “greater benefic” in Astrology denoting luck and joy, kinship and Justice.

Jupiter transits are known for their expanding qualities, bringing opportunities and more to the areas of the chart it visits.

The Centaur Archer is Sagittarius’s symbol. All Sagittarians have a strong tendency to see things symbolically, to create a larger framework for events, the big picture. To cast their gaze, upward to the stars..

Where you have this sign in your Natal chart, by placement and planet you will be expansive and positive, looking always at the horizon, setting your sights ever onward, to new adventures.. Sagittarius also, like their ruler Jupiter love to party, to have a good time. Excess is definitely their shadow, as is exaggeration, “pollyanna-ism” and over-enthusiasm.

Jupiter is linked in the Tarot to the Wheel of Fortune and Sagittarius to Temperance, which is often portrayed in decks as the Roman Goddess Temperantia standing with a Rainbow arching behind her, reminding us of the need to positively balance and blend the elements of life, and not overdo too much of a good thing. It’s fascinating also that the constellation Sagittarius is the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, the current Galactic Center being 27 degrees Sagittarius.

Until December 20th we will be experiencing Sag’s big picture thinking as the over-arching theme in the collective “zeitgeist”. This time will be unique however, as we roll into two eclipses, the first a partial lunar eclipse in Gemini on November 30th and the second, a powerful Solar eclipse on December 14th. Look to things finally becoming brighter then. On December 18th Saturn will finally move into Aquarius, with Sag’s ruler Jupiter following on the 20th. Signs of new, progressive help is on the horizon. Have faith, set your sights on what you want to experience, gaze at the horizon as you mask up and keep going. Blessings, Michelle

Photo of Sagittarius: Pookie Queen from Haus of Pook!

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