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Saturn in Aquarius March 21st- July 1st, 2020, December 17th- March 7, 2023

Saturn’s movement into the Sign of Aquarius is one of the most important Astrological events of the year. Strongly placed in another sign of traditional rulership, we will get a close look at its purpose now and the area of life it will be “improving”. Also revealed will be the dilemmas or questions it wishes to pose to us humans.

Typically, when a planet ingress into a sign, its archetypal function activates in the style or expression of the sign. It puts out a “call to action”.

As Saturn will retrograde BACK into Capricorn on May 11, we will be able to see NOW what it needs to improve (Collective Needs) and then we will be able to work through the details (Structures and Leaders) for most of the rest of this year.

Saturn’s energies are constricting, or limiting, structured and sober. It is dry and cold in nature. Unlike it’s other social planet counterpoint Jupiter- Saturn tends to close doors rather than opening them!

Aquarius, an air sign of fixed polarity is concerned with objective thinking and structures, social groups, innovations and intellectual ideals.

When we put these two together we find the need to innovate and solve problems concerning social groups, utilizing and refining these energies to create strategic plans, to build businesses and other structures that provide services for EVERYONE- to begin developing an ideal plan for improvement, or to set goals for the purpose of group oriented achievement and welfare.

Saturn APPRECIATES planning and research and Aquarius wants to innovate, to share in an equal and egalitarian way the ideas and ideals of our future potential.

Where you find Aquarius in your natal chart, you are unique, open, objective and freedom loving. As Saturn visits you in this place- planetary or house- you will need to trim away the excess, to develop discipline and take responsibility in this area of life.

You will also need to do so with regard for all life on earth- this is the only way forward. Together, Earth and Sky, all lives entwined.

*Below is some inspiration for the next few years by Sun Sign/Ascendant. I added a theme for an affirmation statement too- think of this like an opportunity to set a goal for something much needed!


Over the course of the next several years you will see how important it is to live your ideals as well as share them with your group. You will see that “no (wo)man is an island” and it is essential that you learn to be healthily interdependent. You may need to make or cultivate new friends, to share your creative self with others, to teach your craft or even become a leader by actively involving yourself in government or community. Remember that sharing is caring and when we do, it all comes back to us.

Your affirmation is “I help build a strong community by sharing my gifts with others”


As you transform your life big time with Uranus in your sign, (till 2026) the next two years are about strategically planning your new direction. You are going to have to take responsibility for your next move, and horizon gaze a little now. No one is going to magically make these decisions for you, and yes, it is necessary. You are the master builder of the Zodiac. Your public image, vocation and more need re-building or further maintenance. Put one foot in front of the other and soon you will be on your way to a sustainable, long lasting and authentically you- future!

Your Affirmation is “I can and will create my best future, Step by Step!”


Would you like to go back to school Gemini? Take a course or get certified? Write a book? Perhaps you would like to live abroad or even teach a skill you have. This is the time. The power of Saturn compels YOU! LOL, honestly you are always interested in learning and always will be. Now is time to discipline yourself here. Keep going. You can build something tremendous over the course of the next few years if you keep that amazing mind of yours OPEN. Start planning and strategizing Gemini- you can expand every aspect of your life and consciousness with your intention now.

Your Affirmation: “I am Opening my Higher Mind with Intention and Intent”


You may need to take responsibility for developing intimacy with others, for deepening your own relationship with sharing. If you see others struggling with resources, with emotional, mental or physical issues- now is the time to stand in your power and help. In addition, do not expect to easily receive from others without putting in effort- if you put in effort you can achieve a lot. This is the time to pay off debts, to create a financial plan in readiness for more abundance and to deepen your own faith in the wellspring of life.

Affirmation is “I am creating a plan for abundance and sharing it with those I trust”


Saturn in Aquarius will reveal any flaws in relationships. This means that it’s time to look at the give and take, the essential structure of your partnerships. If they are sound, and fair to BOTH parties this transit can bring deep commitment and endurance. If there is a flaw in the foundation, some couplings can tumble down. Look at your behavior as well as what you want-

Are you being truthful and kind to yourself and your partner (s)? You will be able to make great strides if you put effort in developing new ways of relating in the next couple years. Go ahead and DO IT!

Affirmation “I am ready to create/ develop/ ensure my partnerships are fair and equal to all”


Saturn’s foray into your place of Health and Wellness- the natural home of Virgo makes you doubly aware of how hard you ARE or ARE not doing all the things that bring you well-being. You are a hardworking and service oriented individual, concerned with crafting the perfect life. This time will test your resolve to create systems and habits that feed your sense of joy. This is a perfect time to lose weight or sculpt your body, start any kind of exercise or fitness regime or diet as well as a LIFESTYLE of vibrancy. Think about working from home part time or changing the way you work/ and or commute. You will be successful in all these endeavors if you take it set by step and relax a little.

Affirmation “I accept the things I cannot change and have the POWER and PLAN to change the things I can” *


Now is the time to get serious with your works of creativity. Anything you have created, a song or business, idea or even a child needs the “independence” of being released into its maturity in the coming year. There is a time period when we need to learn to let go of our creations, to let them grow on their own- and it’s here. It can feel grim at times to part with them, this too is a necessary part of the process. If you’re feeling like you can’t find your light- let things go. Develop the courage and power to know your true source of joy is the wellspring within yourself.

Affirmation “I am nourished by the light of my own true nature”


Saturn at your foundation teaches the wisdoms of Winter. In winter we often endure cold winds and rain and snow, yet there is great beauty and warmth within the season. We light our fires within our homes and celebrate with our heart and soul tribe. You can create and develop strength at your core in the next few years, you can find deep satisfaction and commitment within your family, as well as deal with family that may need you to take your place of responsibility and leadership. All is appropriate and you have what it takes.

Affirmation “I have the power to take responsibility for creating a secure foundation for myself and my family”.


Saturn teaches Sagittarius to think before you speak and look before you leap!

Take a moment to create a strategic overall vision for your future- a plan isn’t REALLY your forte. However, you will benefit from the pause before creating. You don’t know it ALL yet. Take these next years to write a book, (and EDIT it) to review your plans, to go to school or learn something new. It’s also an amazing time to teach something YOU do know- and you will benefit from this in the next few years.

Affirmation “I am focusing on opening my mind to an amazing future for myself”!


It’s time for Capricorn to take responsibility for building sustainable resources for themselves. Capricorn is no stranger to hard work or sacrifice or responsibility, so these keywords need to be moved into the place of managing their resources. Sometimes Capricorn can be so focused on the work that they don’t properly pay attention to the fruits of their labors. Managing money can be one of these “fruits “. Take responsibility for managing what you have well, for sharing in a balanced way and honoring resources. Stretch your dollars, balance your budgets and don’t spend outrageously and you will get through this time with an increased pride in your abilities.

Affirmation “I am managing my resources with wisdom and prudence”


It’s all about creating a new and improved you. Taking responsibility for your actions, for getting what you want and more. You can step into leadership roles during this transit and be called an expert or master in your field. You can receive recognition if you do your homework and accept Saturn lessons. YOU are the Karate Kid for the next couple of years Aquarius so Wax ON and WAX OFF. Patience grasshopper and do your work!

Affirmation “I accept and take responsibility for achieving my goals in a sustainable and patient way”


Pisces have been a little EXTRA the last few years, extra sensitive, extra sensory and extra receptive. It’s not a super powerful, super outward/action-oriented time for you. It IS time however for you to seek within yourself the power and ability to focus your attention on your inward journey. Meditation and any therapeutic tools will help you in the next years as well as focusing your thoughts on the positive and productive, rather than worry and stress. You are the little engine that could. Creativity helps- write, draw, paint your feelings!

Affirmation: “I am sculpting my inner life, thoughts, dreams and more to support my outward journey”

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