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Solar Eclipse/ New Moon in Cancer 7/2/2019

A Solar Eclipse, is also a


Eclipses symbolically correspond

to a portal or threshold space for

significant internal or external

events. Solar Eclipses happen when

the Moon’s position obstructs the

Sun’s solar rays on earth, causing a

notable change in the

electromagnetic atmosphere. Note: This eclipse isa only visible in certain places in the Southern Hermisphere.

A New Moon is the beginning of a

new lunar cycle and happens when

the Sun and Moon are in exact

alignment. This lunation happens

to be in the sign of Cancer, ruled by

the Moon, making it even more potent. With a Solar Eclipse, expect that events of the future (Sun) will be

impacted by our instinctual or emotional self/past (Moon). There are notes of destiny and purpose revealed too. Prepare for both endings AND re-births as new information and feelings are brought to light. The event is also aspected by Saturn, Uranus and Chiron. Many long-term structures may be changing now in a format of natural evolution, the south node of the moon in Capricorn indicates a feeling of nostalgia and longing regarding the stability of our past. There is though, the potential for massive illuminations and great personal healing. Now, Cancer’s evolutionary intent is illuminated: Families, caring for our foundational needs and security. A sense of deep purpose is exposed as we experience insights along these themes. This focus also contains the possibility to transform our personal sense of nurturance, to heal and better understand our relationship to our mothers and family as well as our inner foundation of self-care. The key is to recognize and balance our needs with others in harmony and wholeness.

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