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Solar Eclipse at 29 Aries 4/19-20/23 9:52 pm PDT

All Solar Eclipses are New Moons, that is, where Moon and Sun conjoin- yet we only have the Sun “eclipsed” by the Moon’s presence a few times a year.

Our Moon in its rotation around the Earth meets the Earth’s rotation around the Sun and “blocks” the Sun’s energetic “transmission.” Energetically this can be compared to a computer “re-boot.”

This eclipse is both total and annular, meaning the Sun will be viewed as “Ring of Fire." The eclipse will last around 5 hours and is only visible from parts of Australia, Tasmania and Indonesia.

All eclipses are unique, and part of a long cycle called a Saros cycle. Eclipses of the Sun and Moon occur in pairs of Solar and Lunar, and they land in a particular Zodiacal axis for about 18 months at a time, flipping their North Node in 9 years and coming back in 18.5 years.

Our Eclipse now is at the last degree of the sign of Aries: 29, considered to be a “critical” or aneretic degree. Aries is all about initiation, action, creative fire and self-interest. This degree is alike an exclamation point on these themes! The planet Mars, the signs “ruler” is defined as assertive, passionate, it is our drive to will- how we get what we want.

There is an “acting out” aspect to Aries energy, a focus on self-interest. Wherever you have Aries in your chart you may be feeling/experiencing a need or drive to accomplish now.

The Sun and Moon in Aries are in aspect to Pluto via a 90-degree square and we have both Jupiter and dwarf planet Eris conjunct, that is within 6 or so degrees of the event.

Even though we may want something NOW a caution is not to be mercenary in how we achieve it. Groups, families and other collectives are powerful. There is a David vs the Goliath theme, but in this case don’t rule out the powerful or the larger entity!

Mercury in Taurus will Retrograde within a day or so of the eclipse (4/21) adding to the need to internalize a dialogue or review the communication or even values around current projects and circumstances.

The last decan of Aries, (10 degrees of a sign) happens to be ruled by Venus. Venus is currently in Gemini, the sign of Mercury’s domicile, and Mercury is in Taurus, which is Venus’s domicile. This makes these planets in mutual reception of each other, which allows them to engage in a dialogue. Women’s themes or powerful women may be featured prominently in this eclipse season.

Saturn in Pisces presents a helpful sextile and our lunations dispositor Mars, (ruler of the Moon) in Cancer creates a mutual reception with the Moon. This could mean accessing “wisdom” from higher realms, from wisdom keepers or adding some compassion and loving care to your own “survival toolkit.”

It's time to consider a re-boot of how we take action. It's time to listen to needs, caring for others, as well as your self. Pause for a breath while initiating, think twice before over reacting, slow down and rest before getting up to create a strategy for your healthy and positively self-serving projects and ideas.

A Note: We have been experiencing Solar Flares in the last week and this eclipse may actually help with rest and sleep and anxiety and agitation by giving a respite for a few hours.

More Soon on May 5th Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio ( the last in this cycle!)



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