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Solar Eclipse in Cancer- June 20th 2020 11:42 am PDT

Sabian Symbol: “A Ship lowering an old flag and raising a new one”

So here we are, at the portal, the threshold or gateway to the second half of one of the most important and impactful years of our lives.

There will BE no nebulous “fake news” applied to the clear FACT that 2020 has brought immense change to the world. There are stark and difficult questions now we must all accept and put before ourselves.

What “ flag” are we flying? Does this flag represent our current values and needs?

It’s a moment now to reflect. The half way point in a year of massive opportunity. There is no going back, Its time for the new, time for change, time for reform. Solar Eclipses are blockages of the light of Sun rays on Earth, these result in definitive energy changes.Traditionally Malefic, it's important to hold these spaces with respect.

Themes at play in the dance of our conscious, interactive worlds are reflected Astrologically by the movements and position of the “social planets” Saturn and Jupiter as well as our collective Planetary re-birthers, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune.

The need for the recognition of massive power imbalances in our collective and personal worlds is hugely emphasized by our current Astrology- as is social justice.

The movement from Capricorn to Aquarius- which we are beginning to see, will point us toward the new.

Especially for the United States, whose symbolic “ birth chart” includes Pluto in Capricorn – it is time to fight against structural imbalances and re-birth ourselves.

There have been many memes and articles “out there” noting the connections between todays Astrology and pivotal moments in time that also correspond to today’s fight for reform, renewal, and a revising of our social and political structures.

For those in the United States-consider this also:

We have not had a Solar Eclipse on the Solstice in 19 years- June 2001, this was also when we last had the Nodes of the Moon in the NN Cancer/ SN Capricorn axis.

In 2001 Saturn and Pluto were also last in tough Ptolemaic aspect, as they are this year.

Just after Saturn and Pluto completed their square meet up in ‘01, 9/11 occurred.

The United States is currently experiencing it’s Pluto return- not exact till 2022 but still in orb (close) and applying (moving towards) this is a critical opportunity to die and be reborn reflected in the NOW.

Pluto in Capricorn corresponds to times of critical shifts in power structures (Birth of United States, French Revolution in late 1700s, Luther’s Reformation in 1500s etc.)

Saturn in Aquarius WAS last experienced in 1991-1993, yes this WAS the time of the Rodney King Beating trial in which entire communities across the United States erupted from the buildup of injustices.

Uranus was in Taurus last during the Depression of the 1930s and early WWII, however tremendous reforms also were created (New Deal, Social Security etc.)

Neptune in Pisces was experienced last just prior to the civil war, when the Confederacy formed (1847-1862).

Ok, this MAY sound a little intense, scary but consider this. We have been, experiencing massive crisis, death and dis-order. The Universe, in its intelligent movement and design is always changing, turning and moving. Later this year- on our NEXT solstice is an event to watch for: The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius- which changes the last 200 years or so of leadership and structures by heralding an epoch of Air element. Air in Astrology is thinking, information, ideas, concepts, communication. Aquarius, with Saturn as traditional ruler is the energetic form of Group ideals and collective structures formed on concepts ( potentially) of equality. We are firmly in the Age of Aquarius now- so again- What Flag are you flying? Get informed and take action in order to take back your own power!

For those that are triggered here is an affirmation for this Solstice:

I am ___________

I am trusting in the flow of the universe, and am strong, safe and stable amidst change.



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