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Solar Eclipse in Libra 10/14/23 10:54 am PDT

“Crossing the Balance Threshold”

Eclipses have a long history of being characterized as frightening; as one of our two sky luminaries, either full Moon or Sun are seemingly “consumed” by a dark mass. We now know that the Moon’s orbit around the Earth meeting the Earth’s orbit around the Sun creates the physical phenomena, yet the energetic quality of the scenario still rings within the ancient psyche as potentially dangerous or ill favored.

Astrologically and Astronomically in a Solar Eclipse, the Sun’s life-giving energy is blocked by the Moon. If the Sun’s essence is life itself, it is as if our power buttons are blocked, then re-set, it’s an energy re-boot of sorts. As Moon is the agent, there is a need to go within to our dark inner world of intuitive knowing for renewal.

The 10/14/23 Solar Eclipse is partial, which means it isn’t a total covering, yet it makes its meaning clear, which is that it is time for something to end and something new to begin.

In Libra, we are confronted with the desire for harmony and relatedness, for equality and balance. This is an air element sign which emphasizes the intellectual and ideological modes of expression-what makes sense in our mind, our communication and cultural expressions. It’s also emphasizing the back-and-forth energy of a pendulum swing, a seesaw or “tit for tat” exchange.

Libra envisions a perfect garden of beauty but can also fight as mightily as it’s opposite sign of Aries when engaged. Though different tactics are used, Libra as the sign of Justice is powerfully active. If you are a Libra Sun/Moon/Ascendant or have other personal planets or angles of your chart in mid to late degrees of Libra, you will be motivated/triggered strongly now and in the next year to transform the portions of life ruled by the planet or position. This can manifest in little earth/life quakes, as realizations shake up the status quo.

This Solar Eclipse is the first Libra one in the next year’s parade (two more to come in March and October 2024)- it’s conjoined with the South Node, emphasizing release. It’s time to cross a threshold and let go. Pluto in Capricorn squares the Sun/Moon conjunction- and has recently stationed direct at 27 Capricorn. It’s at the end of a 15 year or so confrontation in Capricorn. Institutional power structures, the “Dark Father,” toxic hierarchal values that destroy rather than create, are confronted in the collective. Venus, planetary ruler of the event is in Virgo, (service) and is in mutual reception with Mercury in Libra.

This is a creative solution combination.

What we have to work with is the seed of our need for fairness and harmony. As individuals we ask, “what to do?” The Sabian Symbol for this Eclipse gives a clue.

“A Child Giving Birds a Drink at a Fountain”

“This implies simple unconditional gestures of giving, love and joy that are done for others can revitalize situations beyond expectations. Dropping the “what’s in it for me” attitude and adopting caring and sharing ways can bring relief to all concerned. Taking time out of your busy life to nourish and protect others can bring rewards far greater than you might expect.

Enjoyment of nourishing simple souls. Innocent reaching out. Interacting with nature. Water and the need for it. Hydration. Fountains. Birdbaths. Moments of innocence.

The Caution: Looking for recognition for small deeds. Being condescending to others. Always feeling like you’re the one who has to provide. Interfering with nature. Naiveté”.*

Ancient wisdom has suggested solitude and purification during an eclipse. Perhaps prior to eclipse create a threshold ritual, light candles for hope and peace, prayers and intentions set prior to the event and emphasizing peace and harmony can be beneficial.

Do not give up hope.

Create some grounded balance for yourself and then take peaceful action in the face of injustice.



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