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Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius- December 3rd, 2021, 11:43 pm PDT

Eclipses always indicate a re-set, a re-boot, a glitch that allows us to leave behind the old and start fresh. Often, this means we experience events happening outside our control that catapult us into the new. Sometimes, it is us making the changes in our lives, compelled by forces we may not even understand. Regardless, the time is a portal or threshold that we can cross over, a time of endings and new beginnings.

Sagittarius is concerned with truth and belief and comes at life with arrows drawn, ready to hit targets of understanding. For the last 18 months we’ve had the South Node of the Moon (indicating instinctual behaviors to release or balance) in this sign. These have been times of great confusion and tumult, where some of our beliefs and understandings may have led us astray of fact, dwelling more in shadowy places where we have had to make connections work in theories that have little to do with grounded facts.

After this last Eclipse in the Sagittarius /Gemini series this weekend, we will move away from trying so compulsively to understand or know “the truth,” and will begin to focus on what we feel matters most to each of us, lines will be drawn in the sand on what we each truly value and own. Our task now, is to face and release our individual hurt, fear and experiences of trauma- in order to lean into how to create a simpler life of appreciating and taking care of what we DO have, now in our present.

December is bringing us finality, moving forward, facing our fear, integrating truths, and potentially learning to love ourselves and others, to forgive all, to flow and finalize some of the many tests and tribulations of the last few years.

We started the month with Neptune direct, waking up from a dream, looking around at the new landscape, then our Solar Eclipse brings startling news; news that we need desperately to LEARN from, to integrate and understand. Venus is conjoined with Pluto all month in Capricorn and Retrogrades for 40 days and nights on the 19th. Our deepest values and desires, go underground for the process of renewal. After this, we renew our vow to live a life that is truly dedicated to what is most important to us.

We also have our final Saturn/ Uranus square on the 24th and Jupiter ingresses to Pisces the 28/29th. A clash of values can result in creative friction that can give birth to something beautiful. Love is always the way forward.

Solar Eclipse time is best for ritual of purification, mediation and symbolic threshold jumping. Take care of yourselves and seek to understand your truth, even as you acknowledge the relativity of it!

Meditate on the Sabian Symbol for this event from


Sagittarius 13 (12° - 13°)

DEALING WITH UNRESOLVED ISSUES ​The past can never be forgotten until we have dealt with ​ what we need to deal with fully and finally "Facing up to our past imperfections" Notwithstanding the uplifting joy that a new dawn is coming, the past has still to be dealt with; karma cannot be sidestepped. Awakening people experience an acceleration of life’s speed of change – we deal with what comes up and thus attract more and more such challenges at a faster and faster pace. Also we associate with others doing the same thing, and this adds energy to the spin. Then terribly painful and inconvenient life issues can come and go and leave us untroubled by grief, regret and nostalgia.



"Solar Eclipse" art by Beth Hoeckel

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