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Solar Eclipse in Taurus, 10 degrees April 30th, 2022 11:45 am PDT

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Welcome to the first Eclipse Season of 2022!

The eclipses of the Sun and Moon have been noted by humans from time immemorial as harbingers of change and disruption, even crisis.

In many ancient world cultures, the health of “The King” was seen to be at risk- especially during a lunar eclipse. Actions were taken to hide or replace leaders during the event- hoping to trick a “devouring demon” in the sky looking to destroy.

Of course, today’s material scientists don’t see eclipses as anything other than a meaningless phenomenon of the external physical movement of the orbits of the Earth and Moon.

We know that the Solar eclipse occurs when our Earth’s Moon falls in line or axis between the Earth and Sun and “Blocks” the Sun’s solar magnetic rays in parts of the Earth, and that the Lunar Eclipse is simply the Moon falling into the shadow cast by Earth onto the reflection of the Sun’s rays onto the Moon.

Each occur at either a New Moon or Full.

Astrologically these elliptical points in space are called the Nodes of the Moon. In Vedic Astrology there is a myth of Lord Vishnu cutting a sky Dragon called Rakshahsa in half, creating two parts, the mouth and tail, representing Dharma and Karma.

Modern Astrologers take a page from the ancients, reading meaning into the blocking of electromagnetic energy from the Solar Eclipse during the day and the diminished reflected light of the Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon at night. We observe and record the effect on our lives and our clients lives as we measure and detect the Eclipses by sign and degree as well their relationship ( aspect) to the planets in our solar system, and the Natal charts of individuals.

I have personally found, over decades of observance that eclipses are almost always “trigger events” that can set off or ignite scenarios that are set up in either natal or current planetary configurations. These can feel a lot like destiny and are connected to the idea of Karma (past or resolving events) and Dharma ( future or path making events).

Solar Eclipses can begin action ( like a super New Moon) and Lunar Eclipses can end or blow them up. If there is a big aspect like an outer planet square or opposition that is being triggered by the South or North Node, there can be an almost fated feeling to the time period.

I’ve had some of the most traumatic situations of my life happen in Eclipse windows, beginning with the Solar and ending within days of a Lunar eclipse aspect to difficult transits and points in my natal chart.

Please be aware that all of our Astrology is not exactly or innately predictable- it is archetypal in nature and there is always the potential for surprise and change.

In addition it really must be a “perfect storm” to wreak havoc, generally several intense or challenging aspects via transit need to combine. Do speak with a trusted Astrologer if you have concerns.

I want to express also that it’s been my experience that there is an intelligence that moves us ever forward in our personal and collective evolution, especially present at Eclipse times. There is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Our Eclipse themes now are Taurus- Scorpio, and if you have planets in these two signs, or your own Nodal axis- there will be an impact for the next 6 months to a year. Essentially with the North Node in Taurus, themes of self-worth and security, money or resources and the cultivation of beauty peace and harmony are favored. Where you find Taurus in your own chart will provide clues to what needs to be “ingested”. Uranus is present here, so change, freedom and fresh insights can be cultivated in new endeavors. The planet Venus is also the dispositor of the event and exactly conjunct Jupiter, making this quite probably a harmonious vibration.

With the South Node lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 15th, we need to balance our material and sensual needs with acknowledging/releasing our pain, shadow or unseen compulsive behaviors. Asking ourselves how we have potentially been destructive in the past? What can be shared, how have we “betrayed” ourselves and others? How can we heal? Great powers of rejuvenation and healing are possible with this combination.

Look to house position of Taurus and Scorpio in your natal chart for clues on what arena of life may be changed.

Take time for healing and protection during the eclipses, allow for insights. I usually try purification baths with essential oils, quiet divination, journaling and any wellness techniques.

Sending Blessing!


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