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Spring Equinox March 19th, 2020 8:50pm PDT

Welcome to the “birth” of the Astrological New Year-

Our 12-sign year begins now- at the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and our Sun’s ingress into the Zodiac sign Aries. Just like an individual, the moment of first breath is when we cast a chart and this chart contains the “seeds” of the structure.These seeds are represented by the current position of the planets in our zodiacal solar system; which hold archetypal energetic forces that interact with our consciousness- personally and collectively. These energetic types contain a large grouping in the sign of Capricorn. Themes of responsible use of power abound.We have the South Node of the Moon, the Dragons tail- representing lessons from our past, Mars the Warrior, Jupiter the greater benefic, Saturn Lord of Karma, Pluto the Destroyer, Pallas Athene, Asteroid Goddess of Strategies as well as the Arabic Part of Fortune.In the realm of the Sun is Chiron, the wounded healer. Sun/Chiron conjunct represent a deep collective wound in the world now- which is drawing energy from the Nodes of the Moon. Our fear of both Karma (sum of our actions) and Dharma is activated. In Chinese philosophy the concept of Tao or Dao is very similar to the Hindu Dharma. It is both the personal road one must take in life AND the conceptual “Natural Order of the Universe” that contributes to the well-being and health of all of life. These are contained within the astrological definition of the Nodes movement.Saturn supports the Sun by Sextile, providing a container and structure for our new beginnings. Our Moon is in Aquarius and this means that our instinctual needs contain caring for the collective, helping in our communities and groups. Moon’s dispositor Uranus sextiles the North Node, further indicating that out of the box insights and collective energies can bring us inventive, fresh ideas to both guide us into the future and solve our ongoing problems.The Spring Equinox can be a wonderful time to make a clean start, clear the clutter from your home and mind, plant seeds literal and figurative for your upcoming year… The stars support your journey.Here is a ritual adapted from to do tonight or tomorrowFor the Ritual please have handy a source of fire, incense, small bowl of water and some salt. We will cast a circle and use these elements together.Feel free to dress up !Vernal Equinox SpellSmall Slip of Paper and a Pencil Candle and lighter/matches Seed(s) Items to represent air, earth, fire, water. Items to represent your allies (herbs, live plants, stones, statues, etc). Small pot with soil. A small bowl of water.Spell Instructions: Set up your altar or spellcasting area with representations of the elements and spirit allies. Place the candle, seed(s) bowl of water, and a small pot in front of you. Use the paper and pencil to write down your intention. This is best for spells that need to hold (ex: protection) or grow (ex: abundance) over time. Ground and Center. Prepare yourself through a short meditation if that works for you. Cast a circle or use the sacred smoke of choice to create a spellcasting/ritual space. Invite the elements and allies to join you and lend their power to your spell. Read your intention. Speak the words aloud. Think about them. Focus in the way which serves you best. Light the candle while speaking the words of your intention. Plant the seed in the small pot filled with soil while speaking the words of your intention. Pour the water from the bowl over the soil while speaking the words of your intention. Fold the paper and place it under the soil (away from the seeds) while speaking the words of your intention. Thank the elements and allies for joining and assisting you in the spell. Release the circle, sacred space. Allow the candle to burn until it extinguishes. Let the seed pot hold space on the altar, then move to where growth can occur. So mote it be.

Spring Blessings!

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