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Taurus New Moon April 22nd 2020 7:25 pm PST

Sabian Symbol for Taurus 4: A Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow!

A New Moon is always optimal for making change, getting out of a rut and planting

seeds for the future. The Moon, as she appears to us is growing in strength and appearance. This resonance brings us the energetic imprint of a new lunar cycle.

This New Moon in Taurus sits close to International Earth Day, celebrating Taurus’s themes of bounty and fertility, our personal and collective resources and what we own or attract for ourselves.

Last year when Uranus made it’s final ingress in Taurus- (to last till 2025) many Astrologers predicted rising issues with food production, economic structures and the earth’s resources.

It’s amazing to think that today as I walk through grocery stores with empty shelves and SEE how quickly our shaky food, health and economic structures are- that Astrology always seems to accurately reflect the archetypal themes of human life.

This lunation is supported by some interesting players, Uranus, the Revolutionary is closely conjunct in Taurus and Saturn the “old devil” squares us in Aquarius. Jupiter and Pallas Athene in late Capricorn also connect here, bringing us potential strategies to get out of a “tight spot”.

This new moon also highlights the need to find what your TRUE and AUTHENTIC values are. What does your “pot of gold” look like? Is it money and possessions? Or freedom, love, sensuality and self-rule?

We must all eat to live, we must have a healthy planet, but we need to do it together, and this means putting our energy and time into “seeding” our intentions into the world. Our New Moon is fertile with possibility. Even as it shakes up our security, it brings us new and sudden illuminations and perceptions, exciting innovations and “Revolution from the known”.

A Key to productively using this energy is not to focus on loss, or being stuck- but on thoughts, words and deeds that can bring fresh insights and energy to your present, as well as what we can all do to improve our personal and collective future.

On the 25th Pluto will Retrograde in Capricorn, allowing us to dig deep into the underworld of our authoritative structures in order to find the source and truth of sustainable power.

Next Month, Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon’s dispositor Venus follow in Retrograde. In fact, this will be the last New Moon in almost a year without major Retrogrades present.

SO- Follow your gut, take responsibility for asking for help from the Universe, a higher power, and learn also to trust your inner knowing to bring you guidance and illumination. YOU are the one you have been waiting for!

Write out 5 wishes for the next month Wednesday or Thursday light a candle and release them to the Universe!

Below is some inspiration for the lunation by Sun Sign/Ascendant. I added a theme for your wishes and an affirmation. Add these into a small or large ritual for optimal use of the energy of the time!


What is highlighted is Taurus’s gifts, the sensual world, resources, money, your home, your values, work, tangible products you create, art, beauty- these areas of life may be changing, you may get sudden flashes of ways to create wealth in innovative ways or earn through technology. Be open to ideas that may come out of the blue here!

Your New Moon affirmation is “I am grateful for all I have and am opening to receive further abundance.


For you Taurus, shedding your skin and allowing the “Freedom from the known” is the key. This New Moon provides a meditation to promote faith in yourself. You have been through much recently and the shake up of security has been both tough and exhilarating. What do you really want Taurus? What is your Pot of Gold filled with?

Make Wishes for these things, including allowing yourself to be ok with a life of freedom from routine as this will be your norm for some time. Your affirmation is “I am allowing myself the freedom to grow”


Sometimes we all have to deal with ourselves, face up to the fact that our thoughts and unconscious motivations and assumptions make up our experiences. This New Moon you can see that by opening to your deepest, inner self you both access AND expand your potential and future direction! This is your pot of gold! Make Wishes around creating a positive mindset and connecting to your inner self/ source.

Your Affirmation: “I am always divinely guided and can trust the Universe”


The last year has been tough on Cancer, you may have seen people or things “eclipsed” from your life. This New Moon is supportive. Exhale, then breathe. It’s all divinely planned. There is an opportunity to cultivate your community. Network, volunteer and get involved! Keep your mind and heart focused on faith, love, hope and optimism- as well as where you want to go next! You will succeed!

Wishes are for reaching out, connecting with friends and comrades. Affirmation is “I am sharing my gifts and talents with my community”


This is a time for believing in the magick of focusing on your direction. True leadership means inspiring and giving of yourself as well as “bossing”. Long term change is coming to the ways you express your gifts and are reciprocated for them. Now, the New Moon brings surprises, but also illuminations. Try opening your heart center to receive without the need to control.

Affirmation “I am the divine spark. I vibrate in love and magnetize all I need to myself”


Virgo’s new Moon falls in the “Higher Mind”. You have the magick to attract or improve your spiritual life through an expanding connection to your personal religion. Travel through your mind to new locales, read about Spiritual journeys. True insight is biggest richness. Make wishes this weekend along the theme of opening your eyes to new and expanded modes of thinking. Affirmation” I am expanding my perception of the Universe”.


There has been A LOT of tough energy for Libra with change in foundational places in your life. Family, personal confidence may have been rocked. Through it all, you have been ok. The New Moon in your place of shared resources shows you that you aren’t alone. In addition the Universe MAY offer you a gift. What does your pot of gold contain? Let it fall in your lap.

Write down wishes around the theme of opening to receive; resources, money, affection and intimacy. Affirmation “I am allowing the flow of abundance ”


New Moon and Uranus rock your partnerships. It’s as if a veil has been lifted and you can see and experience your closest ones in new ways. It is more than ok to allow your secure relationships to change. In fact it’s necessary now. Freedom and vitality follow as you allow yourself to grow through this experience. Maybe your greatest wealth is how many people truly love you.

Wishes are around what you LOVE to give and around love in general. Affirmation “I seek and find joy through loving and accepting those I love”.


New Moon in Taurus is all about creating healthy habits! You love to run, run, run Sag and sometimes stopping and smelling the roses is in order. You can make GREAT strides this month in new habits around your health and work though. Try out a new diet, exercise or work ritual. Increased vitality and deeper insight is the BIGGEST reward!

Wishes are around expansion of work, service and health. Affirmation “I understand that sustainable and grounded habits are necessary to my wellbeing”


This lunation is asking you to cultivate joy. The Pluto/Saturn Meat grinder have chewed you up and spit you out. You are still here though and OK! Make wishes around trusting the secret and invisible world of faith and intuitive guidance. This New Moon is all about how to play, be sensual and connect to your inner sexy Goddess/God. Your pot of gold is about FUN!

Affirmation “I am committed to cultivating joy, play and creativity in my life


New Moon brings Magick to your deepest roots. Freshness and vitality come from allowing yourself to experience change and growth in your homebase. It may be time to think about literally moving or at least doing some re-organizing or re-decorating! This is also deep magick time for drawing in ancestors or for seeing family dilemmas in a new way. Your gift is found in your strong core.

Write down wishes around the theme of developing inner stability in a time of change. Affirmation “I am opening myself to receive support from the Universe, and trust I can and will have all I need”


New Moon sparkles and creates Magick in your communication area, allowing you to be more creative and more connected than you have in a long time! It’s time to take out the Easel and brush etc. Express yourself, write and make art, pull out the Tarot cards, Ouija Board or your journal. Make wishes along the theme of learning, receiving messages and more. Don’t deny the gift of making art. You CAN make you dreams come true!

Affirmation: I am asking the Universe to support my dreams and trust in my soul’s process.


thanks to Maggie Shepherd for the beautiful image!!!

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