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Taurus New Moon- May 19th 2023 8:53 am PDT

The Taurus New Moon grounds us in the potential of life.

The energetic “feeling” is we are ready to fertilize new growth, to move forward and through our travails and endings.

The Sun and Moon join Mercury, Uranus and the North Node in Taurus. This Zodiac Sign, the first of the Earth element- is a master gardener, the builder of resources, and a focal point of the beauty of the physical world. Wherever Taurus is in our charts- we take the time to receive the worlds sensual abundance.

This "fortunate" lunation is very well supported by helpful planetary relationships, a sextile to Mars in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces as well as an out of sign trine to Pluto.

However, behind the scenes of any new ideas, plans, and actions that are ready to be born in this new Moon- there is the frustrating T-Square aspect with Pluto, Mars and Jupiter.

The key to handling this discord is to remember that friction creates the impetus for change, and therefore the potential for creative birth, for growth and expansion.

We NEED this energetic force- and you can use it to consciously “fertilize” your life.

Pay attention to what is bothering you. Take note of it, but focus your attention on seed planting.

This means, grounding your desires and attentions in what you consciously want to “happen” to and for you rather than on what you are lacking or upset about.

Venus is the dispositor of the Moon and is in sentimental and emotional Cancer. The planet trines Saturn and Sextiles Uranus- this is a creative and inclusive meeting of the old and new, perhaps like the Sabian Symbol of this Lunation, "Two Cobblers Working at a Table.”

"Cobblers’ make and repair shoes, shoes cover and protect the feet. In spiritual context the feet are said to be the symbol of “understanding”. The ‘Cobblers’ are working together.. and yet both are accomplished in their own unique way."**

These two shoemakers- may have very different ideas and methods. Regardless, they still collaborate out of respect and human-kindness.

The idea comes from observing that it is possible to achieve greatness in our endeavors through innovation and commitment and this New Moon is one of the best of this year to begin/fertilize this process!

This Friday or Thursday evening create a list of what you want to manifest in the new year. Make a ritual out of writing your wish list, light a candle or incense, petition your favorite spiritual help. For more “Mojo” create the “focus” for your wishes around the themes of the house Taurus rules ( sign on cusp) in your chart. Here's a short list:

1. Identity, Body, Independence, Courage

2. Values, Money, Resources, Possessions, Real Estate

3 Communication, Short Distance Travel, Self-Expression, Siblings

4. Home, Family, Ancestry, Self Esteem

5. Joy, Creative Projects, Love Affairs, Children

6. Work, Physical Health, Habits, Pets,

7. Partnership & Marriage, Best Friends, One on One Clients

8. Shared Resources, Debts, Loans and Settlements, Intimacy and Sex

9. Higher Education, Publishing, Legal Matters, Long Distance Travel

10. Direction, Career, Status, Authority

11. Groups, Ideals, Community, Altruism

12. Spiritual and Psychological Understanding, Mental Health

Have fun with your New Moon Manifesting and Much Love and New Moon Blessings,


** Lynda Hills Sabian Oracle

Art by Tashina Suzuki

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