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Venus Retrograde: May 13th- June 25th 2020

She's both Retrograde and Out of Bounds in Gemini: the sign of communication and connections !!

She is also square Neptune, Conjunct Vesta now.. and will square Mars and conjunct Mercury during the retrograde!!!



All this action with the Goddess of Love and Beauty requires us to more deeply investigate our experience with the movement of information ( how are we communicating and receiving communication?) the diversity and relativity of experience between peoples AND our relationship to life's pleasure principles, values and what we want out of partnerships!!



But there's so much more here to tell you...


Join @brookalbrigo and I for

our Journey into the Venus Workshop this Friday ( Venus day) to learn about your Astrological Venus- and how she may respond to this Venus underworld experience over the next month..

Get a guided meditation to receive clues and messages as well as Energy and Sound healings to renew, re-set and re-align yourself with the power of Venus!

Suggestion donation via venmo $22

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