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Vernal Equinox, Sun-Aries 2:59 pm Full Moon in Libra March 20th 6:42pm PDT

Sabian Symbol for Libra 1 “A Butterfly made perfect by a dart through it”

Happy Full Moon Loves!!! Not only is this an expressive and HEALING Full Moon, it is the Magickal Vernal Equinox! The very beginning of Spring, and we are coming out of an extended period of Piscean “sacrifice”- the end of winter both literally and metaphorically! The Sun at 00 Degrees Aries and Full Moon in Libra illuminate the need to find balance in our personal quest for self-satisfaction and happiness. This polarity teaches us to take turns giving and receiving, being independent and dependent. Teacher, Healer planetoid Chiron shows us the PROCESS of healing and being healed depends on allowing a better flow between our inner ( Mind and Spirit) individual needs with outer ( relationships ( Body). This is also indicated by the Moon’s ruler Venus, conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius also in friction with Mars in Taurus. These stubborn signs like to be right, again, ensure you are open to others differences and are tolerant of the time it sometimes takes to communicate properly. Mars is stabilized with a trine to Saturn and Pluto/ South Node, maybe we can find assistance in our goals by connecting with a wise elder, or transformational practice. Jupiter is also beaming positive vibes to Venus, so I think relationship issues can be improved in the coming days and weeks with a little effort on our part. This energy is very future oriented and optimistic. It is the yearning to break free from the past represented by Pisces and CREATE our futures NOW! Realize you are always co-creating your experience with nature and give yourself permission to start FRESH. Although Mercury won’t station direct till the 28th and won’t leave Pisces till April 17th-think of this Full Moon as the first part of the process of letting go of the past as well as internal spiritual or emotional struggles. Pat yourself on the back- you made it through a full cycle of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter- and 2018 wasn’t easy was it? See Below for Vernal Equinox/Full Moon Horoscopes by Sign. For a Deeper perspective please, read your Sun AND Ascendant.

Aries: It’s time Aries- time to heal, to change, to break free finally! As well as to hold a laurel wreath out to estranged loved ones you care enough about to want in your life. Although you MUST be for yourself, there is much wisdom and tons of gifts in giving to others freely, whether this is your time, your ear or the ‘talking stick”. Allow yourself to learn this dance in Aries season, I am very excited and happy for the joy this can create for you!

Taurus: All things begin with conception, in the dark, in the ground within the “womb” of life. A great seed of your upcoming personal revolution is fertilized now. It is still deep within- in your dreams and heart- yet you have become of the stirring of new life. Now, the Full Moon illuminates your place of health and wellness, you can culminate new healing practices and release energy in the process of focusing on your every day habits. Start a new health regime, a new diet or look into a healing. Remember what you think and do every day is your life, make it EXACTLY what you wish it to be!

Gemini: Fresh starts come with finding the Network of those who will support your dreams! You actually have a lot of friends fired up to help you Gemini! In addition, this new start can incorporate friends, your neighborhood and organizations that are focused on ensuring EVERYONE is getting enough. While you network, take the time out to Party. Yes, I said PARTY. Get out of your mind and into your body this week. dance, play, make love, laugh sing and hang out. Good things are coming, are right in front of you.

Cancer: For Cancer and Capricorn, it hasn’t been easy- well it hasn’t been easy for most- but it’s been heavy and transformative. The Eclipses in your sign this year are promising some change, the “hand of destiny” kind! Right now, the Aries/Libra Sun and Moon are smack dab on your Home/Career place. This is where you are going, where you have come from. I know you aren’t super into change in general but it’s coming and you’re ready. You can take off like a jet plane now if you set your intention properly. The Universe supports you renewing yourself. Celebrate with family as you do.

Leo: Things are just getting better Leo, your lovers are pretty much complying, and the big internal / external sacrifices off the last 18 months are off, the big news for you is maybe travel, maybe higher education or expansion in the next months, this travel can be near AND far. You may be asked also to teach, or train others. Go for it - you were BORN to be seen to expand your loving and generous heart out to others. Give of yourself freely and it will be returned threefold.

Virgo: Things are improving with partners and resources soon! The Equinox promises new energy in regard to loans, debts, money owed etc. In addition, you will have the opportunity to increase money and resources in general at work or expand your assets. Work on this now, it is going to really help you in the future to expand your life and have a lot more fun, which is very crucial to your health Virgo. (got your attention?)

Libra: Full Moon on you babe! Feeling emotional? It’s time for you to let go of control. Of perfection or of trying to fit yourself in a box. Ask partners and friends for help, to go out for a drink or to collaborate on a project you want to accomplish. Working on connecting to others in a balanced way is a theme for the next three months. Do not isolate please! There is deep wisdom in sharing that you were born to experience! Take this week to release old fears and focus on the new! Scorpio: Like Taurus, this is time for you to plant seeds AND release the old. The Equinox is a fresh start, no more taking peoples s#$@ (ok you pretty much don’t – but don’t). You will transform how you have been relating to others – personally and professionally, over the next seven years, so for now just imagine yourself in a completely empowered way. You are inherently perceptive, keen and probing. This Full Moon brings dreams and hunches on how your inner self effects your health and well-being. Commit to eating well, thinking well and loving well. You damn well deserve it.

Sagittarius: Pisces season may have got you all little emo. It’s been hard, and you had to defend places deep within you that you thought were safe. You made it out alive and I PROMISE you things are improving. Aries is your sister Fire Sign and beams a jolt of positive and motivating energy into your core. You ARE a warrior, you ARE Brave, and this is YOUR YEAR. It’s time to get creative, think outside the box and build a new network. Do a ritual of release and move forward, eye on the PRIZE!


Like Cancer the Full Moon and Equinox are like an arrow shooting straight up through your chart. Where you have come from, where you are going, these are things highlighted. Take some time to think about what you want, because you might get it now. Although more change is coming, what if it is the good kind, the Wheel of Fortune variety? After so much tumult you deserve it baby. Be solid, take steps, set your intention and wait on the “will of heaven”.

Aquarius: You may have been feeling pretty free lately with Venus in your sign, yet she’s got friction with Mars so two steps forward one step back a bit. I am however, excited about what you are manifesting lately and want you to keep at it! Energy comes from communication and travel, expanding your perspective and standing up to be counted. Get out there and roam, literally and symbolically. Messages come from this as well as gurus, sages and your Tarot Cards. Listen, write and know you are guided.

Pisces: My dearest Pisces. I want you to know you are beautiful and so deep and cosmic. These last weeks of Mercury RX and Sun and Neptune in your Sign and Jupiter Square it all have just been so MUCH… but you’re still here and it’s going to just get better. Remember, do not “suffer over your suffering”. The information you need to know is within you. In order to transform your life, to see yourself as powerful and capable!! Listen- “sound out” the truth. Do not escape, just listen. Soon your troubles with money or other resources will improve. You can count on it.

Play, Howl, Create and Express yourself with Ritual, this is a Magickal portal to both create change and ride the wave of the new.

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photo by Sharles_art

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