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Virgo Full Moon March 9th, 2020 10:47 am PDT

Sabian Symbol “ ‘A Caravan of Cars Headed for Promised Lands’- shows a group of people setting out on a journey to a better place or a better way of life.*

The simple act of moving to overcome stagnant lifestyles can create the possibility of some kind of ‘Promise’. Making a commitment to overcome routines and leave the past behind with those who share a like mind and intention may be all that is necessary to open the path to a new reality. Heading for the future with a keen sense of excitement and anticipation can open you up to all sorts of possibilities and hope. Some kind of new ‘Land’ or opportunity is an inevitable outcome of this change. Indeed, it can lead to a whole new life. * Excerpted from Lynda Hills

Welcome to a much-needed Full Moon, one that is here to help!

This month’s Full Moon lunation falls in the “clipboard and checklist” rational, practical and earthy sign of Virgo- creating a wonderful counter point to what has been an extra intense Pisces season.

The Sun in Pisces as “ King” of these times is holed up in its Royal Chambers with Co-ruler Neptune and a Mercury RX.

The collective thinking and the connections we are all making (Sun/Mercury) in the group mind have been swayed by Neptune’s illusions and unclear, murky reflection.

Much fear and confusion has been generated and we know that what is needed now (our Moon’s purpose) as a counterpoint is grounded, ordered and discriminatory thoughts, actions and deeds.

The Moon in Virgo makes favorable aspects to our Capricorn conjunction, including Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto and Asteroid Pallas Athene.

This group is like an entire network of powerful and strategic Generals come to win the war! In addition, Vesta also supports the call and response team for any crisis. Create a grounded and serene mind and heart. Do all the things you know are healthy and well. Create a sacred fire within your heart, take measured action in your life.

Right now, it’s essential to keep the faith and keep moving, in our personal truth and authenticity. Know what YOU believe in, or what resonates with you. However, try also to look at facts before you, not just emotion or intuition. Incorporate all within the mind, this is essential now.

Do a small ritual of Fear Release Sunday or Monday.

Write a list of your fears and then burn, shred, or otherwise destroy it while saying “ I release these fears to the Universe to transform, knowing all is well”. Then, make an orderly list of all your blessings. Create a plan for organizing your home, clean and clear your cupboards or office space. Buy a houseplant. Take a walk in Nature, Celebrate a healthy life.



*Below is some inspiration for the lunation by Sun Sign/Ascendant. I added a theme for your wishes and an affirmation. Add these into a small or large ritual for optimal use of the energy of the time!


This Moon is about your everyday habits, rituals and wellness regimens. If you really want better health and a more balanced life start with this. Address your mental health too! Add in ONE healthy habit every week for the next 4 weeks. Whole Foods, Daily Walk, Meditation, Affirmations, etc. Make wishes that connect you with a positive and balanced lifestyle.

Your New Moon affirmation is “I create a healthy life, with good thoughts, words and deeds”


For Taurus or Taurus Rising it’s all about cultivating joy. You are in the process of long-term change and this is ROUGH on stability minded you! You may be fearful and feeling isolated from your friends, groups and networks. Release this now. This Full Moon cultivate joy and fun. Reach out to special friends. Go out and have a GOOD TIME! You DO have this power!

Your affirmation is “I Am Open to including Fun, Joy and Play in my life”


Healthy Habits Start at HOME! For Gemini the Full Moon falls in the place of family, your foundation and place of belonging. When you know who you in your core are, this deep self-esteem grounds you in all your endeavors. Let go of fear that you aren’t in control of life.

A little organization or spring cleaning at home can make you feel grounded and settle your mind. Everything will REALLY work out ok.

Your Affirmation: “I am always divinely guided and can trust the Universe”


All Water signs are sensitive to the collective emotional soup and Cancers are NO exception. They also have been dealing with much change, which isn’t really their cup of tea. Things will settle down soon, but for now there is emphasis on their thoughts and communication style. Full Moon shines a light here and shows you a way to become more grounded and practical. Look for short trips to shine a light on hope for a more fufilling future.

Affirmation is “My thoughts and communications are positive and productive”


Full Moon highlights your need to get organized around finances and other resources. You are really good at this when you put the energy into it. Honestly you would rather play and party- BUT- you do have the staying power to dig down and create a grounded plan for work and more. Let fears around sharing your vulnerability go. Take a chance on intimacy and ask for help from partners and more.

Affirmation “I ground myself in both getting organized with my resources and asking for help”


Virgo’s full Moon reveals to you, your innate approach to life. You can create a plan now to adjust your response with a new mindset, to release fears around a partners or ally’s wellbeing and more. YOU are ok, you are part of the divine plan and the wheel IS turning. Stagnant situations will change later in the year, I promise. For now, focus on what you CAN control.

Affirmation “I accept the things I cannot change and have the courage to change the things I can”*


Full Moon shines a light on your deepest inner self. This landscape is like the Moon. You are called to listen for messages in dreams and fantasies. To look for signs, symbols and synchronicities. If health has been a bit wobbly, focus your intentional self towards taking steps to cultivate a healthy and positive mindset here. Protect your energy!

Get grounded with a walk-in nature. Carry Obsidian or black tourmaline against negativtiy.

Affirmation “I am healed and healing by the light of my own true nature”


Virgo is the sign on the cusp of your place of Groups, Friends, Networks and more.

You prefer grounded and practical and authentic organizations and aspirations. Things with friends and fun have become a bit dried up lately but help is on the way! This Moon is showing you a way forward. Get out there and network you bad ass. We all want you in the mix and need your insights and perception.

Affirmation “I seek and find appropriate joys and networks in my life”.


This Moon is all about your direction. Where are you going Sagittarius? What is next for you? You are such a fun-loving sort, yet a bit tough on yourself sometimes when it comes down to work and vocation (overwork/play much?). At home things are a little unclear but you can see the truth of the future and it requires your attention and planning skills!

Affirmation “I am expanding my ability to plan for and prepare an amazing future for myself”!


Full Moon supports Capricorn’s emergence into the light. It’s been a long dark night of the soul for some of us Caps and Virgo’s no nonsense and practical advice helps. Your higher mind knows that there is an intelligence present in the Universe and it’s got A PLAN. Accepting this and creating an alignment with this is essential now. Good thoughts, Good Deeds etc. All is well.

Affirmation “I am trusting the sacredness and vulnerability inherent in being supported by the divine”


This lunation we have a focus on resources. Like Leo there is a need to both trust and to ask for help if needed. Being vulnerable is a little bit tough for Aquarius, as is creating intimacy. Simply asking for help at times is a great way to practice! Money, assets and earnings have been challenging recently and now you can see how to align yourself with trusted allies to create more. Mercury has now retrograded into your sign- clues and connections come from looking into the past.

Affirmation “I am opening myself to receive support from the Universe, and trust I can and will have all I need”


Happy Solar Return Season! This opposing Full Moon in Virgo highlights your ability to ally yourself successfully with partners, clients and other one on one relationships. If things seem a little challenging- don’t exhaust yourself. Ask for help/ feedback or input and then relax! You can afford to float a little bit! Things will move faster in the next few weeks.

Affirmation: I am asking the Universe and my allies to support my dreams and trust in my soul’s process.

Art by Erik Johansson

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