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Weekly Cosmic Weather for July 8th-14th

“Not all who hesitate are lost. The psyche has many secrets in reserve. And these are not disclosed unless required.”

― Joseph Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Faces

Read Sun/ Rising sign below for a little guidance on the weekly astrological energy.


Mercury Retrogrades and connects to Mars in the area of creative projects, and artful play. It’s time for you to review your relationship to having fun and making things- whether this is making art, play, a business or just “your way” in life. it’s time to stop, look and listen.

What can you do? Or, rather what have you been doing to either further or sabotage your creative and joyous spirit? You need to review. Think, “If I am not for myself, who am I for?”

A light is shining on your family ancestry and home, and it is also pointing to your direction, destiny and next step in the process of your evolution… think how you can bring healing and love into your life.

Weekly Mantra: I co-create my life with all that is. I integrate joy into my sorrow and power into my vulnerability.


You are changing, growing and evolving. There is a strong call to action happening this week as well… HOWEVER-you need to review your plans a little before preceding- which is the appropriate thing to do now. Mercury RX and Mars come together in your foundation place- you can move, or possibly improve your family relations with careful consideration. Mid-week is all about your alliances, partnerships and more. Mercury and Mars show the way, which requires you to think before you leap.

Weekly Mantra: I am ready for my evolution and am reviewing my foundation in order to support my next step.


Your Ruler has just turned retrograde in your communication and connections sector. This is your natural arena- having experiences, trying on new ideas and learning more about life and how to navigate your way. The idea here, for the next 3 weeks or so at least is take a deep dive into your thought processes. Review and respond AFTER doublechecking any conclusions you are making. If you are traveling double check your tickets, or maps or anything related to your navigations. Good thing is, you should have the money now to have some fun.

Weekly Mantra: My mindset matters. I take the time now to focus on positivity and what I wish to create.


The week starts with a little friction- Hey it’s an intense year for you overall, and the tough issues around your emotional mastery may be triggered now for ” immediate improvement”! Sun, North Node and Venus in Cancer support your personal growth while South Node, Saturn and Pluto encourage you to LET GO of the past.

We are talking past responses and experiences and more. YOU CAN DO IT!

Weekly Mantra: I am living my values. I know that I can let go of the past as I evolve into my best self.


Mercury RX and Mars in Leo remind you that a well-timed retreat is as valuable a plan as any.

It will be your birthday soon, so take a little breather for the rest of the month to “prepare for your close up”. Vacation, retreat, rest and contemplate your life. Are you surviving or thriving? Your wellness depends on this question. Your direction/ career is changing, whether you want it to or not, and I think you want it.

Weekly Mantra: I WILL my best life into existence. I review my needs and circumstances now for sustainability.


Mercury is an important planet to Virgo’s and its movements should be considered always for Virgo’s best life and health. The Nervous System is another of Mercury’s bodily rulership and when in Retrograde its time to rest and relax this area. This week try Meditation, Dream Journaling, Past Life Regression or other therapeutic techniques to get to the bottom of any issues you may have. Soon you will get a gift of balance and peace as a result of your work.

Weekly Mantra: I trust my connection to my inner self and listen for the guidance to heal and improve my life.


Friends, your community and groups need to be evaluated for potential. How are your current alliances working for you? As you do this, eyes open to accept and appreciate the gifts you have too, coming from those who care deeply for you. You are being supported even as you are dealing with change in where you are going. The Nodes of the moon point like a compass to changes in your foundation and direction. Ride the Waves in your peaceful way.

Weekly Mantra: My community matters. I am reviewing my groups and alliances for sustainably now.


Mercury RX and Mars at the very top of your chart point to a need to stop, look and listen now. Do not move forward with your plans till end of the month or at least double check everything you are doing with your work and communication. Plans will need to be reviewed and possibly changed last minute for the next several weeks so TRY and be a little forgiving. Open yourself to a new approach with partners and allies and you will SAIL through the month.

Weekly Mantra: I am powerful. I know how to review my next steps and re-approach any challenges or obstacles in front of me.


Soon, Soon Sagittarius. You have been patient grasshopper- and in a month or so you will begin to see the gifts of your patience and endurance.

For this week, travel if you can or at least plan your next trip, class or other mind expansion. Review your philosophy, visit a place of worship and light a candle- you will BE inspired soon. For now, float.

Weekly Mantra: I EXPAND my thinking and life with experiences that bring me meaning and inspiration.


Letting go of the past, reviewing your shared resources and partnerships, this is part of the ongoing work of your personal transformation this week. Try and work on developing intimacy with others by expressing your vulnerability creatively now. Asking for help is more than OK, it is a necessary part of developing connection with others. It shows humility and humanity and provides you with the understanding that “we all got to carry each other” *

Weekly Mantra: I matter. I am offering myself openness to let others support me in my goals, even as I know that it is MY tenacity and determination that achieves them.


Mercury RX and Mars are now visiting your partnership place. There is a strong need to partner and another to retreat! This reminder is to ensure you double check your communication with your most important alliances. Lovers, Spouses and Best Friends need you to be empathetic and circumspect with them, try and see a new point of view if possible. Don’t isolate. Meanwhile your home and inner landscape are still being revolutionized and it’s aint over yet!

Weekly Mantra: My alliances matter. My deep relationships deserve my consideration and attention. I value them now and win their support.


It’s all about your health and every day habits Pisces. Are you: Eating, Sleeping, Moving regularly and healthily? Review your daily rituals, like what you do when you wake up and more, add in 2 new ones this week that make you feel better. These can be integrated into a new way of being. This week also create something beautiful. A poem, painting, or any other creative endeavor. It will make you feel confident and secure that you are on the right track- and YOU ARE

Weekly Mantra: My wellness matters. I add in daily rituals that bring me confidence, positivity and power.

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