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Weekly Horoscope 7/30/18

Weekly Horoscopes for Week of July 30th 2018

This week our cosmic weather allows us to process the immense events of the Lunar Eclipse. Connections with the Moon by many planets provide continuing inner support to awakening to what we do and do not need to bring with us on the next level of our continuing journey. All the conflict and issues that arose in the last several weeks provide us with an opportunity to grow through making sustainable choices about what we want to cultivate in our lives. See below for some Astro-Alchemy insight on how to integrate the energies intelligence and navigate the challenges present.

Read your Sun/ Rising Sign below for multi-dimensional guidance


That Lunar Eclipse may have forced a form of support through groups or friends out of your life. This can show you how you may have been too dependent on opinions outside your own. In this week take the time to think on how you could be even more independent and cultivate your Spiritual Warrior side. You have no problem fighting for a cause or idea you believe in, but fighting for your emotional, mental health and even joy is another story! Mid Week with Moon in Aries and Mars (your ruler) sq Uranus empower yourself! Read about Chiron, the mythological Centaur who was Healer, Teacher and Guide to Heroes. He recently moved into Aries, though retrograde. The Retrogrades give you time to be prepared for the upgrade into the most bad ass version of yourself. Get on it!


Last Week’s Full Moon/Eclipse was intense and definitely made you very aware of what needs to go in regards to your career, vocation, persona, appearance and direction. This is lending extra transformational power to your Uranian long term revolution! Isn’t it amazing when the planets mirror what is going on in your life and you don’t feel lost but maybe like a Hero/Heroine in a storyline that includes receiving Supernatural help to achieve a very special mission? Whew, well if you DO NOT feel you have help or signs, get ready for some. Pay attention, cultivate your inner security. Learn to meditate. Retrogrades give you TIME- which you love. You are REALLY ready to break the chains though. Solar Eclipse in August brings more clues. Meanwhile, Breathe.


Lots of internal energy for you Gemini. Soon, you may feel more external manifestations- but for now it’s processing, looking over, reviewing, chewing the fat etc. Your Ruling planet Mercury is retrograde and making you think twice. Lunar Eclipse may have triggered you around the axis of communication too. Although you are an amazing connector with a high level of verbal acuity, are you going deep? Are you seeing the big picture? Stop and release all the details now in a situation you have that troubles you. Try and put it in perspective with the end goal in sight. There may be a communication issue at hand that can be repaired. It’s the little things that make up the big things. Find the Forest through the Trees. This week take your time to process and analyze this before taking action.


Lunar Eclipse may have brought up issues around trust, support, resources, security... you know, all the things that you CARE about! So much has been going on for so long though -that you are kind of feeling like an expert at crisis management! Honestly, you are growing and expanding AND in the next year there will be even more opportunity for big breakthroughs as the eclipse cycle changes from Leo/Aquarius to Cancer/Capricorn. This week and in the next several to follow we have so many sleepy retrogrades that you can just chill, take a vacation and try and relax. Do not try to force anything, as Bruce Lee said “ Be Like Water”.


Happy Leo Season!

You are getting ready for your closeup Leo. Well, you may have already had it. You know the current Eclipse cycle is getting ready to close on YOU August 11th.

It’s been an intense year of breakthroughs and breakdowns. This week, with Mercury retrograde in your sign- try and review your Solar year. What began last summer may be ending now. Take the time to look at people, places, projects and potentials you are engaged in. Make a list of pros and cons for each. What do you want to take with you in your new world? This is a VERY “Karmic” time for you Leo. You are facing your destiny. With your list in hand, make sure your path forward is sustainable long term and more importantly- HEART FELT.


Some re-birthing is available also to you Virgo, but of course review is first necessary. This is something you love to do and it’s one of your biggest gifts. Your ability to discriminate in a healthy way is called for now. With Mercury your co-ruler retrograde it’s time to go within to work on the project that is YOU!

Venus is still hanging out in Virgo for this whole week so take advantage of her attracting power and do some manifesting rituals. Opening to receive is a good option as is allowing yourself to be adorned or your body to be cared for. When you put yourself into a Vibration of love and acceptance you attract this. Stop all the hard work and just vibe this week Virgo!


Hey lovely Libra! That Lunar Eclipse last week may have left you feeling severely depleted of joy, fun, creativity and friends... What was happening over the last year in your Axis of creativity and community was a big evolutionary leap into an important area of your life...Essentially both relationships with others and your creative projects are VERY important to you and you have had the interesting and hard lessons on how to navigate these realms with Eclipses all year. Life is messy, difficult, and always spiraling and cycling. Although this may offend your sensibilities at times, it’s just fine to sit in a mess. You have an amazing ability to make some order from it, to make it beautiful again too. Very soon Venus will move into your sign and you will attract that which you want. For this week, flow and process, let go and release that which does not serve.


Like Leo, this is a PIVOTAL year for you. As I write this, Tom Petty’s Free Fallin’ is playing and it relates to your OPPORTUNITY NOW to both attract and release that which you desire... Write down what you want NOW and write down what your want to let go of too!

You can get clearer on this now, as Jupiter is direct in Scorpio- one of the few planets that is moving FORWARD even as your rulers, Mars and Pluto aren’t. If I could give you just one piece of advice it would be to spend this week getting super clear on what you exactly want, and writing, speaking and sharing this- then letting it go and free fallin. THIS is the super recipe for receiving which is your gift this year.


As Scorpio is actively manifesting you could also take a note from their workbook. Your planetary ruler is one of the few forward moving planets this summer and by October will be in Sag- coming “ home” to a serious 12 month cycle of expansion for you. So, while you are kinda hanging out lately not experiencing a ton of forward motion in your life — get ready, get clear. Take some chill time this week to horizon gaze.. where is the next trip, project or other way you want to expand? Can you review your plans? Find a labyrinth near you and walk it for further inspiration in your upcoming re-birth.


You may have been sitting nearby as those on Leo/Aquarius were galvanized by the Eclipses. Did you feel the heat? Capricorn has been undergoing SO much change and intensity that you may feel bullet proof or at least bullet riddled.. Right now, its a good time to rest and conserve your energy. Saturn your ruler will go direct end of the summer and more projects are coming! Time now to bless and conserve your resources, research your options and review your choices. Telling Capricorn to rest may be futile but I will do it anyway. You have much good work coming.


If you are reading this, you have survived the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your sign! LOL. So what did you find out. ? Release? Or are you still processing? Do NOT be afraid if you got a little crazy in the last several weeks. It was necessary for your learning and growth! We need your focus so keep it real ok? Your co ruler Uranus will go Retro soon joining Saturn your ancient one. Your POWERFUL desire to transform must be tempered with maturity and common sense and NEVER get stuck in negative judgements ok? Can you reform without judgement? Connect without blame? Include rather than Exclude? We are waiting for your wisdom...


As you continue to become more of what you were born to be, the journey is very inward driven this week and for the rest of the summer. Beginning of the week is more emotional and dreamy- in fact PLEASE write down your dreams as they are definitely guiding you now! Lunar Eclipse brought up what needs to be released in your subconscious patterns. Powerful, positive energy is coming in the late fall when Jupiter aspects your sun and your ruler goes direct. For now, journal, flow and access your intuition for guidance.

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