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Weekly Horoscope 9/17/18

We start our week fresh on the heels of a 1st Quarter waxing Moon in late Sagittarius, prompting us with enthusiasm to envision our next steps. A powerful Mars and Uranus square Tuesday can bring some friction and eruptions, try and ride any mental or emotional waves with balance. Mercury connects to our Sun in Virgo Thursday bringing clarity and conciseness. We end our week with the Fall Equinox, Sun in Libra on the evening of September 22nd. More on this later in the week!

Read on below for Sun Sign Insights into your week. To deepen your experience read your Rising sign as well.

Aries Sun/Rising

There is a big focus on your deep relationships by weeks end. I mean your partners, best friends etc. You are going to need to think about how to communicate most effectively what needs to be said, draw some lines in the sand or strategize how to navigate issues. Chiron is still at 0 Aries and this means there is a little bit of shadow/pain work here. Best way to move forward is to contemplate how to balance both of your needs. Ask yourself “ What do I REALLY need here?” Then, ask your partner/friend/ ally the same. If they are in opposition, find the middle and meet there.

Your Equinox inspiration: “ Forget black and white and try on grey... It may be more enlivening than you imagine”-Gina Greenlee

Taurus Sun/Rising

Although long term change is in the air for Taurus, there is stability too. Harmonious connections with Saturn and Pluto provide a strong support for Taurus to “ dip her feet in the water” of transformation. Look out though this week for losing your temper as Mars battles you for control. If you encounter a dominant person/ situation that seems to mess with your sweetness, try and duck out rather than erupt. This won’t last and you are SO MUCH wiser and enlightened now... tune into some mystical messages waiting to guide you. Also- look for a partner or lovers strong support. It’s REALLY all happening. TRUST

Your Equinox inspiration: “Breathe it ALL in- light and darkness, Love it all out”- Tonglen meditation quote

Gemini Sun/Rising

Little earthquakes may occur between what you think you know and some kind of deeper, existential truth that comes out this week. Your dreams and intuitions guide you in discovery of this. An enlightenment occurs when you realize your life can be CREATED as well as experienced. This means you need to stop all the internal chatter and begin to envision, and draw out your desires. This is the first step in attracting them into your reality. Play, create, and connect to your inner child, or alternately play, create and connect to a child this week. The magic and wonder of this experience will show you your next steps...

Your Equinox inspiration: “ The art of being happy lies in extracting happiness from common things”-Anon

Cancer Sun/ Rising

Some powerful energy stirs for you at your foundation. Your home and family- (both literal and metaphorical) is the topic. Right now, it can be a huge source of strength and stability amidst the ever changing and evolving world. Let the roots of your connection keep you grounded. Little upsets with groups, communities or friends, possibly having to do with debts, slights or borrowed resources come up-BUT you are stable, grounded and getting what you want successfully. Take some time to appreciate what you actually have this week, it’s powerful medicine to help you attract more goodness.

Your Equinox inspiration: “ If you want to change the world, go home and love your family”- Mother Theresa

Leo Sun/Rising

Although the massive Leo/Aquarius eclipses are pretty much OVER, there may be a little bit of friction left for you Leo. Mars is enflaming/energizing your partnership sector, and having some beef with Uranus which is attempting to revolutionize your career, vocation and direction. Meanwhile Jupiter is whispering some last tantalizing secrets to your core. What do you REALLY want? You are on the verge of some amazing breakthroughs. Energy pours out of you. Express, communicate, write, call, draw.. Don’t hold back.

Your Equinox inspiration: “ If with a pure mind a person speak or acts, happiness follows them like a never departing shadow”- Buddha

Virgo Sun/ Rising

We are nearing the end of Virgo season. For you it’s a re-birth and re-set. You are ready for that NEW thing. Though being practical you know it takes time and resources to get started. If you are looking for resources, these can fly in possibly this week or in the next 30 days. Although you aren’t directly in the wake of the serious “ change or die” energies that have been hitting so many lately, you are still transforming and growing in consciousness subtly. Partners may have slipped away in the last months or years, or you may have found a spiritual connection. Either way it’s part of the path. Mars and Taurus stand off in your place of health and the higher mind. It’s a GREAT time to meditate, do breathwork, or set intentions for improved well being.

Your Equinox inspiration:” To bring anything into your life, imagine that it is already there”- Richard Bach

Libra Sun/ Rising

A new dawn awaits Libra. Lots of fresh energy, warming your heart, mind and body. Allow yourself to stretch and deepen your imagination of what is next for you. Let go of the need to control this and float a bit this week. You are itching to create now, but just remember that everything doesn’t need to be fully formed, or controlled to be perfect. You have enough to take your next step-enough money or other resources, enough talent, enough support. The need for ongoing growth and evolution is always calling and the wheel is turning, even if slowly. Make a list of some long term goals this week. Keep it handy... more coming!

Your Equinox inspiration: “ Whether one believes in religion... or rebirth or not, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t believe in kindness and compassion”- Dali Lama

Scorpio Sun/Rising

Your final re/birth moments get stronger this week. What is changing: How you see or relate to your partner(s), your way of expressing yourself, your opportunities, your career.(s) That’s pretty foundational! You are growing and changing at your deepest core and that’s so OK because you are a creature of regeneration and rebirth. This is yet another PHOENIX moment. You can re-create yourself, you were born to do this and it’s all in the plan... cultivate a little trust, even if it hurts. You will see soon, a direct result from your work, plans, or other seeds you have planted. Listen to your still, small voice as well your dreams now.

Your Equinox inspiration: “ Trust in dreams. For in them is hidden the gate to eternity “ Khalil Gibran

Sagittarius Sun/ Rising

You may be getting noticed this week. You are ready to speak out for yourself, put your goals and travel plans out on the table. This is good preparation for an upcoming cycle of expansion. Your ruler Jupiter is moving to your sign in less than a month. Get ready for all things in your life to finally grow! Meanwhile this week we have some little communication hiccups, TRY and not be reactionary if anything comes up.. spend this week doing self care, eating well and taking some time to relax a little. Friends and groups are very highlighted for you too. You can be a leader and facilitate or just benefit from them. Honestly I am VERY excited for all the goodies coming your way!!

Your Equinox inspiration: “The world needs new leadership, but the new leadership is about working together”- Jack Ma

Capricorn Sun/ Rising

It’s a good week to begin thinking about what you want to accomplish this fall. The Sun and Mercury will shine in the very top of your chart, highlighting your career or other vocational goals. You have the energy to accomplish and make some important changes in the work you do. You may be spending money on creative projects, loved ones or children this week. Your resources are a bit drained now, so it could be tough financially. HOWEVER you are getting ready for something VERY big soon- so have faith in your ability to sustain yourself in the midst of so much ongoing change.

Your Equinox inspiration: “ What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you BECOME by achieving your goals” Henry David Thoreau

Aquarius Sun/Rising

Mars is direct now in Aquarius and facing off with Uranus. This stimulates your need to begin action on projects, possibly making changes at home, or even with how you approach your entire life. You may have breakthroughs around how your family or ancestors influenced your belief systems and now may be the time you cast off all the stories about who and what you are. Like Leo, Taurus and Scorpio you are changing and growing in leaps and bounds. This is foundational, sustainable and evolutionary. Embrace your ability to be your best, most authentic self now!

Your Equinox inspiration: “ The horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change”- Maya Angelou

Pisces Sun/ Rising

It’s been a time hasn’t it Pisces? Being EVEN more spiritualized by Neptune, there seems to be a LOT out of your control right now. Lean in to your intuitive nature and listen. Sound out the truth from underwater, paint, draw, sing or dance your findings.

That knocking on the door is your soul trying to speak... you need to listen and translate. At your core, you are the mystic dreamer, the poet, the painter, the lover and the muse. Don’t forget your SO important function in the world. You are needed so VERY badly and we actually don’t mind paying as long as you use your powers to help us by creating and guiding us with your beauty.

Your Equinox inspiration: “ We must all let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us” - Joseph Campbell

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