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Weekly Horoscope for 10/08/2018

New Moon in Libra Monday evening (see earlier post) starts us off with a lunar re-birth and some hope and peace after a dark night of the soul weekend. Mid Week Mercury and Moon join Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio, pointing to an energy of depth, investigation and intensity. Scorpio’s ruler Pluto is also deeply connected and Mars and Black Moon Lilith create sparks, pushing Libra’s focus on Justice and fairness just a bit further. By the weekend and the Sagittarius Moon we may feel more buoyant and optimistic and looking forward to strategizing positive outcomes in our lives.

Read below for your weekly Horoscope by Sun Sign. For a deeper, multidimensional understanding read your Rising/Ascendant too.

Aries: The New Moon shines a light on your partnerships and the main story is there, along with everything you share like money, or other friends etc. The idea that you can and probably should have constant re-births in your day to day life-is also massively illuminated now. Try and scratch anything in the past that hasn’t worked out in your relating. Focus on what you WANT in regards to your VIPS, then have a convo and ask them what THEY want. Meet in the middle if it’s opposing. New Moon Mantra: I let go of the past and as I allow myself to be learn anew the art of the relating authentically and diplomatically.

Taurus: Luna brings a little understanding to your every day habits, how you treat your body and what that does for your overall health. It’s a healthy habit re-birth! This means you can start a new wellness regime that will be deeply supportive to your ongoing change and metamorphosis. Like Aries you also have a BIG focus on intimate one ones. You’re thinking, feeling and intuiting that it is time to let some one new into the “circle of trust”. Your fortune cookie says “ It’s time to take a chance”. Now just do it! New Moon Mantra: I let go of old unsustainable habits not in my best interests. I choose to live perfect health in mind, body and spirit as I gracefully open to the new.

Gemini: It’s time for some play Gemini! Your New Moon recipe calls for a fresh start in your creativity and fun area! You have had some heavy times in the past but seriously I see that you are more than ok!! So TRY and lighten the mood and get out and have fun this week- and the weekend is the BEST time for it! GO and get your JOY back! Play like a child, or with a child -whatever, just play and see how this changes any health or wellness issues. It might be THAT easy. New Moon Mantra: I am allowing myself to open to Joy and be re-born in my creative spirit.

Cancer: Having a New Moon in the place of your becoming is wonderful. It sits in the “ house” of home and family, nourishing you, providing you with the seeds of a new life, a new place to live, or even a new family. This area is your own, the natural place of Cancer and relates to your deepest needs- so it feels pretty good. Like Gemini try and have a little fun too. Trust, ask for what you want and allow your life to flow now. New Moon Mantra: I am accepting that my security needs can be fulfilled as well can be re-born. I know that I am always safe and well.

Leo: This new Moon brings some clarity to how you communicate, learn and think. You can use this energy to bring new insights into existing dilemmas, to learn new skills or just to better communicate professionally and personally. As this is Libra energy remember to find balance in any oppositional situation. You will have the superpower to succeed. Meanwhile, deep dive into any situations regarding your foundation, home or core beliefs. You can bring up the supreme treasure of understanding yourself much better now. New Moon Mantra: I balance being deeply present with my core self as I think, learn and communicate with others.

Virgo: A fresh start is available with your work, the money you produce from your work or your general resources. You could have new insights into how you can generate income or create something beautiful with your skills or assets. This could have a lot to do with HOW you communicate your desires. Take this New Moon week to do some soul searching in the realm of your thought patterns and belief systems. You may find a small thought holding you back from achievement. Discard it and replace it with a productive one and see how this helps you move forward! New Moon Mantra: I accept praise and compensation for the natural beauty of my inherent skills and assets.

Libra: Happy Birthday and New Moon! This is an especially potent and magical time for you Libra. You are able and willing to plant new seeds that can grow into amazing creative forces in the year to come. Like Virgo, there is a need to deep dive into your work, or what you produce, own or create. Ask yourself three questions this week. Do I love what I do everyday? Do I value the work I create? Does my community or my environment support my personal values ? Set your intentions along the line of strengthening some of these questions. You can make amazing strides now. New Moon Mantra: I open my heart to the real possibility that my hopes and dreams can be realized. I clear my mind to accept these gifts now.

Scorpio: The big focus for you is on clearing any last vestiges of insecurity, pain and trust issues from your deepest self. This isn’t easy, examining the proverbial skeletons in the closet, but necessary in order to further your evolution/ expansion. You have Mercury, Venus RX and Jupiter in your sign, bringing you the opportunity to actually get what you want. Investigate yourself. Anything holding you back? Kick that s@# to the curb. You are a bad ass, Know it. New Moon Mantra: I am ready to open the door of perception and examine and overcome personal obstacles. I can and will succeed.

Sagittarius: It’s beautiful to have support around you. This week you do, in the form of friends, groups and community appreciation. You can are still cycling out of a long term funk, and learning to heal, trust and begin again. Like Scorpio you can benefit from some soul searching to better understand any unnecessary beliefs holding you back. It’s almost your Jupiter transit. Get ready for a little joy. New Moon Mantra: I am accepting support from my tribe as I complete my inner work in readiness for rebirth.

Capricorn: YOU are having a fresh start at the top of your chart, that is the natural home of Capricorn, where you accept responsibility and are seen as an authority. You are comfortable here, having incarnated as a Capricorn for just these reasons. This week and month you may be valued for your work, for your contribution to your community or just be appreciated by your friends. As you have had YEARS of being “ritually dismembered”this can feel a bit strange. Go with it. New Moon Mantra: I accept recognition for my work and talents and accept I am moving in the direction with my goals.

Aquarius: What is transforming for you is definitely the direction your career and work is going. There is an abundance of opportunity, now to just figure out where exactly you want to put your focus. New Moon gives you an opportunity to test and stretch out your options. Take a trip or a class or write about your ideas. This is an exciting opportunity to try on some new ideas and experiences. New Moon Mantra: I am opening my mind and body to new experiences and ideas that allow me to grow in awareness.

Pisces: This week or month you may receive a bonus or other windfall that allows you some breathing room to do your thing. Like Aquarius it would behoove you to take a trip outside of your usual environment for inspiration and to provide clues for your new direction. Your general community is changing, along with what you want, and that’s a good, natural thing. Dive into the ocean of your intuitive and artistic self and take a voyage into the creative possibilities that abound now. New Moon Mantra: I am graciously accepting support for my continuing personal growth and development.

photo by @nevarmur

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