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Weekly Horoscope for 10/1/18

This is another intense week- starting off with Pluto direct in Capricorn, then Venus Retrograde in Scorpio on the 5th (till Nov. 16), creating friction with Mars in Aquarius who is traveling with a special companion now- Black Moon Lilith, (more on Lillith and her fight for the dis-enfranchised feminine soon)

Themes of abuse of power ( Pluto/ Scorpio) from Authority figures ( Capricorn/Saturn) are EVERYWHERE right now and we are also seeing these stories reflected in the Astrology of NOW. Venus’s Retrograde is a BIGGIE. Especially in Scorpio she reflects the outrage of ANY mis-use of her power and energy. I am writing more this week on Venus Retrogrades and what to expect, but it is relational and especially retrospective. In Scorpio she will dig deep to get the heart of your patterns with unresolved or hidden issues. This is an 18 month cycle so look to what was going on in March/ Early April of 2017 where it retrograded in Aries for an example of her work.( I reconciled with and moved in with my boyfriend then!!) For more, read your Sun/Rising Sign below for personal clues for how Venus Retrograde , Pluto direct as well as some other big stuff may effect you this week!


Aries is galvanized this month in lots of areas. Partners, resources from partners- and the secrets they may be hiding, power and your new direction, ideals and community- whew! It’s a big deal. Venus is going to play a major role in getting what you want from others now. She is VERY motivated to assist you in an investigative process balancing mutual needs. This will take till mid November so take breaths as it begins now.

Venus Retro Mantra: I am digging deep, learning to balance and harmonize shared resources and intimate needs with partners.


As one of two Venus ruled signs, Venus’s retrograde and movement from evening star to morning- will Rock your world. She’s doing it in the realm of partners and one on one relationships. This may require some sacrifice or service rendered on your part- but it will be well worth it! Things will stabilize for you in the next months- especially if you pay attention to your allies, and acknowledge your own desires to get ahead in life are associated sometimes with fears. What do you REALLY want? Lean in to your intuition and take a trip to expand your potential new life!

Venus Retro Mantra: I am allowing myself to embody the abundance flow by sharing myself and all I that have selflessly.


Issues of health and how your daily habits and rituals influence it, are at play now. You may be able to transform your health or your body with new habits. There is a need to see also how your own capacity to embody a carefree sense of play into your routine can assist you. Lightening up, giving endless analyzing and judgment or opinion a rest will help. There is an opportunity to expand your philosophy to include MIRACLES. Healing through energy work may play a part.

Venus Retro Mantra: I believe my body is a sacred temple and worship, care for and love it as such.


Trust and intimacy needs combine to form a strong desire to transform your partnerships to include much more creativity and fun. There has been a long term experience of change and metamorphosis with your one on one relationships and partners and this continues now, with Venus’s call to action. She wants you to appreciate and embody your more creative issues- from children to artwork to new business ideas. Have fun, throw some caution to the wind. This will change your home life into something that deeply nourishes you now.

Venus Retro Mantra: Through passion and intimacy I play and embody my creative potential.


Venus will Retro in your place of home, family and foundation. She wants you to look deeply at your self esteem and burn away any core judgements about yourself that do not serve you. What you are feeding yourself daily? Positive and productive thoughts or negative ones? Can you see how negative mindsets can come from family or ancestral trauma? Work on separating what you know to be truth from what you may have been fed. You are destined to shine a light in the world. Make it what you want, but make sure it is YOUR personal ,heart centered truth.

Venus Retro Mantra: At the core of my deepest self I embody my individual love and truth.


Now is an interesting opportunity to truly understand that your thoughts and beliefs do effect your life. Going deeply within yourself you can see that a mindset of positivity can attract positivity while a mindset of it’s opposition.. well you get the drift! Free your mind and the rest will follow! You could even end up attracting money or a new JOB in the next month or so. Meanwhile, there is an emphasis on transforming children, creativity and fun.

Venus Retro Mantra: I embody the deepest truths of manifestation, that we co-create our experiences with the Universe and can trust the dance of will and surrender.


Venus is moving through your house of personal resources, the ones that you create yourself, attracting more. This is also the place of things you value too-and an area that needs your attention now. As your Sun’s ruler Venus is a guiding light for you always- and her movements important, go within your deepest self this week to assess what you TRULY value. You may have to ponder your priorities. How do money, and material goods rate over independence and self rule? This 40 day cycle will bring revelations. Meanwhile things get moving along the lines of your home and foundation- which may also undergo a metamorphic transition in the next year or so.

Venus Retro Mantra: I embody my Values and appreciate all that the abundance I attract


The next few weeks are key for Scorpio. Jupiter and Venus in your sign makes you noticeable, mesmerizing and attracting that which you desire. It’s also an amazing time to focus on a healing modality that can complete a process of energetic cord cutting from painful past events or issues. This year has been the beginning of a new 12 year cycle for you. If you haven’t received what you really needed yet- October may the be month to do so. Focus on attracting, receiving keeping your eye on the prize while you affirm your ability to make s#@! happen for yourself!

Venus Retro Mantra: I embody the power of attraction and open to receive my souls desire.


Venus and Jupiter are sowing seeds deep within you, to ready you for a re- birth. By your Birthday time Jupiter, then Venus will join your Sun in celebrating your coming out party. 2014-to 2017 weren’t the best for you, and you had a hard time keeping optimistic. All that changes at your Solar Return. You may live in "interesting and challenging times” but your soul will be lit afire with the opportunities to expand your horizons soon. Let yourself be transformed, in every way.

Venus Retro Mantra: I embody the power to connect to my deepest self and trust my inner guidance and wisdom


Pluto and Saturn direct provide some fuel for your ongoing change Capricorn. It seems like forever things have been in flux, and it’s not over yet. Saturn provides stability and an ability to build your life step by step by taking care of the basics. You may be able to pay back debts or otherwise clear the playing field for your new life. Venus and Jupiter play into how important your community is for you. They will provide the ongoing support for your re-birth. Keep moving!

Venus Retro Mantra: I embody the ability to attract support from friends and community that reflects the values I hold dear.


Big Change in the works for you in the next month. Jupiter and Venus are at the top of your chart making you SEEN for your gifts and talents. You are itching to get moving on your path and this also can be happen in October. A Long term evolution has been moving you oh so slowly into a new era. By 2020 your life will look completely different and hopefully reflect everything you truly are, and desire. Keep “digging in the dirt to find the places you got hurt” ..

Venus Retro Mantra: I embody the courage to follow my soul’s direction


Continued expansion of your personal philosophy, as well as your community and friends changes both your life’s direction and self-esteem/acceptance. You are seeing how you can continually change and grow while bringing your most essential self into this growth. This is very important, this unfolding. Allow your consciousness to travel to see how much more there is to experience.

Venus Retro Mantra: I embody the ability to expand my consciousness and grow in mind, body and spirit.

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