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Weekly Horoscope for 10/22-29

Horoscopes for Week of October 22rd 2018


The Full Moon shines a light on what you value, your personal and shared resources, intimacy, letting go and developing strength in what you can and cannot do alone. The big focus, the current wave of energy resides in the place of depth, where you need to examine your motives and potentially seek tried and true methods to getting what you want. Find a trusted advisor to help you get where you want to go- you may find out something shocking about finances, work or other needed resources, if it’s not to your liking- an experienced helper can step in to assist. Don’t resist.

Ritual Tip- Banish fear about money, and other resources, and bring in an abundance flow! You are and will be safe on your own- or with a partner. You choose.


The Full Moon and Uranus light up your life. You aren’t in your usual place of “business as usual” and the landscape may be changing. The cosmic illuminations you are getting are invaluable though, and the things that are happening to you, internally and externally are massively important! As Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living”. Examine your life. Your relationships, your work, your mind and heart and body. It’s time for something more.

Ritual Tip- Banish Fear about where you are going and any fears you are not enough. Bring in abundance and optimism around you self- worth and self-esteem!


Full moon illuminates your place of the sub-conscious, unconscious- where you contact your dreams and memories, the kinds of instinctive behaviors you may have. Your downloads are deep, you are getting some whispers of what, where and why. Meanwhile, you know that much of your inner life is affecting your physical health and that’s the BIG insight. Take some time to ponder how you are actually co-creating your life and that your body, heart and deeper self are all involved.

Ritual Tip- Banish Fear around your sense of powerlessness and bring in abundance around your ability to will yourself into health and wellness.


Who are you hanging out with? Your friends, community or groups you belong to are getting some energy this full moon. Surprises may come up, illuminations too, all are necessary. You like stability here but it’s ok if things are changing. It’s a rite of passage, allowing you to examine how this experience changes you day to day. Progress is also made with your creativity, joy, experiences with children and lovers.

Ritual Tip- Banish Fear around your participation in organizations, you are safe to be yourself within them. Bring in abundance around the things you wish to birth creatively.


Full Moon is at the very top of your chart highlighting your direction. Where do you want to go? This place is changing, expanding and becoming something different over the next 7 years. The big piece is on healing your deepest self-wounds in order for you to move towards your deepest path, way or destiny. Only you can do this. Take some time over the Full Moon week to examine what is bringing you pain and release it.

Ritual Tip- Banish fear that you are not enough. Bring in Abundance around your goals. You were born to succeed. Don’t doubt it.


Travel is highlighted at this Full Moon and it’s the perspective you need most of all. There is something you need to communicate, and you need to have a broader perspective in order to do it. There are many ways to live your life, al the ways you can imagine are possible. What’s at play now is your imagination. Take a break in order to find a new way to inspire your next step and the upcoming search for you new and latest self.

Ritual Tip- Banish Fear around expanding your world, mindset or physical body. Bring in abundance around your ability to learn new ways of becoming.


Big focus for you, like Aries- is on resources that you bring in and share. It’s money, your land, your potential dependability on another. There is also a lunar prerogative on developing intimacy and an ever-deeper way of relating to others as well as the cosmos. It’s time to float a bit in deep connection to your inner self. Do some work on trust this week.

Ritual Tip- Banish Fear that all will be taken away from you, that you must constantly save and bring in abundance on receiving from outside of your own power. Play the lottery, sign up for a loan or grant.


Happy Birthday! Have you been doing your inner work? Digging in the dirt and all? Of course, you are! Full Moon highlights your partners and other intimates and brings their issues, needs or other themes into your consciousness. It’s time for a solar rebirth and if you look at yourself with your truth you will see what you need to let go of in order to transform into your next level You absolutely got this.

Ritual Tip- Banish fears around your partner and how you connect. This is in the process of transforming into something new. Bring in abundance around your ability to allow your loved ones the freedom they need to be themselves


Full Moon shines a light on your health, the daily habits you have and how your unconscious plays a part in that. It’s important to take some quiet time to dream, reflect, meditate and ponder. What drives you, how does this affect your thoughts and beliefs and emotions and day to day life? It’s a philosophical time where the axiom “As within, so without” is profound truth.

Ritual Tip- Banish fears around connecting to your deepest self, do not be afraid to face yourself profoundly. Bring in abundance on the knowledge that yourself work, can immediately bring results to your health and happiness


Like Cancer focus is on the community and creativity in your life. The full moon lunation shines a light on how tour creatvity impacts your community and potentially how important it is. Do not hesitate to birth new ways of being into your life, new friends, new projects and new ways of expression are all highlighted now.

Ritual Tip- Banish Fear around how your creative projects affect your immediate community. Bring in abundance around allowing yourself to do what you love and offer it to those who wish to receive it.


Big news has been how how your direction has been changing and that’s also in play with this new moon. What’s really holding you back is your clinging to what you have made your foundation- it could be family values or relationships, where you physically live or even the kind of self-esteem you have “allowed” yourself. It’s hard and especially freeing to let go and free fall on your way to achieving your dreams and best life. Do it!

Ritual Tip- Banish your fear of letting go of a way of life. Bring in abundance around experiencing your dreams/destiny/ direction


Do you know how to express your essence? You don’t have to do it with words. There is art of all forms, including painting and sculpture and music and dance. You can express yourself in many ways and get out what you need to express. Take some time this Full Moon to expand your ways of communicating- to yourself, to others to source- getting some perspective you may travel, take a class or even think on teaching your medium, this will also increase your ability to learn new ways of self-expression and being now.

Ritual Tip- Banish fear that you cannot express the vastness that is you, bring in abundance on how you are expanding your full self-expression.

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