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Weekly Horoscope for 11/5-11/11

Weekly Horoscopes for 11/5-11/11

New Moon in Scorpio, Uranus Rx to Libra, Jupiter into its home sign of Sagittarius- BIG News for the week! it's Election Day in the U.S. tomorrow- See my New Moon Report for more: See Below for your Weekly Astro Advice. Read your Sun and Rising Sign for a multi-dimensional view of the energies surrounding us this week!

Aries: You have an intense new moon beginning in your place of shared resources and intimacy. This is a wonderful opportunity to receive support from outside of your own power. If you need assistance in building your new life (and it looks like you do) you can find it in the coming weeks. Jupiter moves into your place of expanded awareness, higher learning and law. Good luck comes from horizon gazing. Where are going? Believe it or not you can and will get there. It starts NOW with your opening. New Moon Suggestions -Make your New Moon wishes around what you want to re-birth into your life. It’s time for new life Aries. Luck comes from expanding your vision.

Taurus New Beginnings are around One on One relating, how can you manifest your dreams here? Do you want a new or improved relationship or partner? Luck comes also from opening your heart now to receive. Like Aries there is an opportunity all year to reaping benefits. Money comes in from lump sums, bonuses, loans or other forms of assistance. Intimacy and Trust is highlighted. Take a Leap! New Moon Suggestions: Make wishes around your committed relationships. These may or may not be romantic, but they are about deep commitment. Open to the idea you have the power to manifest your dreams now.

Gemini For you Gemini, It’s a new dawn with relationships too! You are now officially hosting a 12 month stay of Jupiter in your place of partners. You will over the year, improve your ability to get your needs met through others. it’s also about your health and wellness, how your everyday mindset connects to your energetic body and how you feel about your physical body. This is a VERY good month for you if you stay open to the power you have in making your dreams come true in these areas! New Moon Suggestions -Get clear on what you want from your partner, make this part of your new wishes, along with new and improved healthy habits and rituals.

Cancer New Moon in your place of Joy, Children and Creativity. Have fun this week and in the next 28 days. Try and lighten up, take a break and play- like a child, or with a child. Make time to be creative too! Jupiter is now moving into your place of health and wellness- this brings you an increased awareness of how your daily life or habits have and do affect the perfect health you desire. Over the year you can make adjustments, set new habits and see glowing results. New Moon Suggestions: Play is as important and work. Fun is as important as seriousness. Compassion is as important as Wisdom. Make some wishes around bringing more joy, fun and play into your life!

Leo New Moon is highlighting your foundation. This your place of home- both literal and metaphorical. It’s time for a new beginning here. You can move in the next 28 days or just expand your place of inner balance and esteem. Your family is also a part of the mix- they may be changing and re-birthing too. It’s all a part of the magical recipe around you now. Like Cancer you also have a focus on Joy, Fun, Creativity. This is what is going to be yours in the next year. Open up to the possibilities and let the sun shine in! New Moon Suggestions: Write your wishes on expanding your inner sense of serenity or beautifying your home and making it a source of nourishment and satisfaction.

Virgo The Sun and Moon light up your place of learning and communication. You are in the process of being able to communicate things you haven’t before. You may also be actively learning a new skill or technique to allow you to deepen your awareness of how you think and operate. Meanwhile, like Leo you have the opportunity to expand or move your residence in the next 12 months- this is a VERY lucky and fortunate energy, allowing you to feel extremely good about yourself at your deepest source. New Moon Suggestions: Make wishes this week around what it is you need to know or communicate in order to get what you want. Open yourself up to learning something new in order to achieve your goals!

Libra Big Highlight is on your resources- that is money, the things you value in the sensual world and your attachment to them. It’s time to focus on bringing the world to you! With Jupiter moving into your place of learning, teaching and communicating you have the fortunate energy of expansion in these areas. Go ahead and make a 1-year goal to finish your book or workshop. It’s time to speak and write your awareness of things. We all want to hear it too! New Moon Suggestions: Write wishes on what you want to manifest physically in the form of support. Is it money? Land to build your commune? A new couch? Luck falls into your lap this month.

Scorpio Happy Re-birthday month! Regardless of whether you celebrate your birthday already or not, you are re-birthing yourself this week and for the next 28 days. Feel it? What do you want? You know you can finally figure it out and take steps to obtain it now. You have had much opportunity over the last year- sometimes this was inward, with new realizations about yourself. Now, it’s time to put the plans and insights into play. Over the next 12 months you will receive the support from the Universe to get what you want. Believe. New Moon Suggestions: This new Moon Is about YOU. What do you want? Ask and you shall receive- ensure you are not blocking the energy with negativity or self-doubt. Let that shit go and open to your future.

Sagittarius It’s HERE!!!!!! Finally, your ruler Jupiter comes home. It’s been 12 years since you had this lucky portal of expansion and it ain’t been easy for you. Over the course of the next 12 months you can create amazing things, feel better about who you are and generally contact more easily that deep vein of optimism and Joie de Vivre you are used to accessing. This week, at the new Moon make some deep wishes about following your souls’ path. Access your dreams, do ritual and meditation to connect. New Moon Suggestions: Write down wishes around being really clear about what you want, and if that’s in accordance with your deepest self/ soul. This is the year you can “birth” your dreams, so make sure all of you is in accordance!

Capricorn Jupiter moves into your place of deep spiritual truth, to highlight what is “behind the curtain” of your awareness. In the next 12 months you can figure out what you truly need to re-birth your life in 2020. Meanwhile your community and friends Rock your world. You have met many people over the last year who have proven to be soul mates. Your village however large or small is here to stay. You can count on these special supporters to be with to infinity- and beyond! New Moon Suggestions: Your friends, community and groups are with you. Give thanks for their support. They beam energy of love and bounty to you as you sit in gratitude. Open to inner guidance and do ritual to open to your soul’s direction.

Aquarius New Moon is at the top of your chart! Birthing new direction, new career and other paths available to you! You have the energy finally to make changes and leap off into your grand adventure. Make your wishes around doing this—it’s not out of reach!!! Jupiter brings you support in accomplishing your goals from friends and community. Over the next 12 months new friends will help you to get what you want. Allow them to do so. There is a huge opportunity to expand your village. New Moon Suggestions: Write down your goals. However lofty or out of reach allow yourself to make them concrete. This is the first step in the manifestation process. Don’t Stop Believing. Get out of your way and let the Universe make the next move.

Pisces Things are looking up Pisces! You are beginning to see that it is time to move forward and not continue to tread water in the “ocean of the unknown”. Mars is coming soon to bring you courage, and Jupiter- opportunity galore!! This week- your New Moon is in the place of Expanded Consciousness. Stretch your mind and awareness to see into all the places you can imagine going. Everything you can imagine you can birth in the next year. Pick and choose now and get ready to receive New Moon Suggestions: Make wishes around your goals and new horizons. Get clear on what you want as you will soon have the means to obtain it. Take a trip for perspective. Photo by @nevarmur

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