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Welcome to LEO Season 2023-- and our Venus in Leo Retrograde!

Leo’s planetary ruler is our Sun, the "Head/Heart" of our Solar System, and as we know, all planets revolve around the Sun, as it's solar power creates and sustains life on Earth.

During this Leo season we have a Venus Retrograde; for the next approximately 40 days the planet Venus will disappear from Earths view in the sunset sky, conjoining the Sun August 13th, and re-appeaing as a morning star by the 25th of August, stationing direct September 3rd. Venus Retrogrades every 19 months in 5 signs, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio and Capricorn (with some dips into neighboring signs) and this cycle is revisited every 8 years. Think now back to July/August of 2015- what was going on? Though not all circumstances will be the same, this event always create a chance to reflect, renew, revisit and “redecorate” relationships with self and others.

Past issues and even people can pop up, helping us to see deeper into what we currently want and need. External forward progress may slow down too, allowing us to assess and review the current love, money, harmony and happiness in our life. Look to where you have Leo in your own chart by house, or planets for clues. You can dig into or "investigate" now. Think new perceptions, deconstructing consensus and transforming processes in your own ability to relate, receive and experience pleasure and satisfaction.

Astrologically, Leo has rulership over the heart in all it's manifestations, as well as creativity, leisure, fun and games. The time of Leo highlights the Sun in your Natal Horoscope too.

In each period of time, the qualities of that time can guide us. So, no matter your own Sun placement, the solar principle, your sense of "self" as well as your “Hero/Heroine’s Journey” or Archetypal life expression is prominent now. This is a time period to follow your heart. Be lovingly self -oriented. Seek all aspects of yourself and experience them consciously. The great depth psychologist and Sun in Leo native, Karl Jung, outlines a structure in his Individuation Process, which involves looking within to find all parts of ones innate, unconscious nature, beliefs, desires and operating systems, including negative impulses, and working on integrating and improving them with conscious awareness. Jung was a great proponent of Astrology and used its thousands of years of insight to direct some of his own great scientific work on the collective and individual unconscious.

With Venus conjoining the Sun in August you can take the ideas of creative birthing as well as relating and apply them to your own personal path of wholeness. The big lesson here is to learn is how to discriminate in order to give time, energy or attention to self AND others in a love centered way. This requires depth and contemplation. Meditation, journaling, relaxing retreats or other forms of "quieting" are all favored. See if you can give some time for contemplation to yourself as a gift straight from your own heart this Leo season. I guarantee that if you take the time to do this inner work in the next 40 days you will emerge from this it closer to inner and outer health and happiness, as you gain the approval, love, attention and respect of your own SELF- which is really the essential approval we all need and crave so deeply.

Much Love,


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