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Cancer Ingress 6/20/2024 Full Moon in Capricorn 6/21/24 6:07pm

Welcome to Cancer Season!

It is the Solstice and the 1st quarter square aspect of the Wheel of the Year.

In the Northern Hemisphere Cancer’s summer sun is strong, much is growing, yet it’s not harvest time yet.

This is a time of grounding, of abundance, a moment where there is time for relaxing and rest, family and flow.

In Astrology, Cancer’s traditional meanings include nourishing, intuiting, and caring for/preserving. It’s color is silver and it’s ruling planet is none other than the Moon- Astrologically the instinctual, natural self, that which nourishes us and how we nourish others.

Cancer’s domain in the wheel of the Chart the 4th house- where we encounter the foundations of life; home, family, ancestors and the derivation of one’s identity. It is the first Water Element Sign too. Water in Astrology is associated with emotions and feelings, with receptive, feminine or Yin energy. Water flows and merges, and in order to really understand the realm of Zodiacal Cancer we must sound out, intuit or feel its expression within us.

Tying into this theme, Cancer’s symbol is the Crab, side walking denizen of land and sea.

 In the Tarot, The Moon card is connected to the sign of Cancer. It’s meaning includes the psychic landscape of dreams and dreaming, imagination, intuition, fears and “animal instincts”. The Chariot card too is associated with the sign. This is a card of victory through change in direction, just as the Sun changes direction on its Solstice.

Only the next day after the ingress of Sun into Cancer we have our first of two Full Moons in Capricorn, at 1 degree of the sign.

All Full Moons indicate fruition and completing as well as opposition. Right now, it’s the Cancer/ Capricorn show; the “Zodiacs Security Team.” However, Moon in Capricorn is uncomfortable with Cancer’s flow of expression and naturally restricts and controls the “flow.”

In the chart of this lunation Moon opposes Venus conjoined with Sun and Mercury.

Perhaps we may feel that it’s most prudent to take cautious steps in any kind of communication or activity now. We may instinctually think twice about things- or alternately our communication or plans may take time to get across or finalize. Honestly, it’s best to use Saturn’s slow but steady approach all month. Don’t be too hurried now.

Saturn rules/disposits the Moon and is opposed to Black Moon Lilith and Juno both currently in Virgo, and sextile Ceres in Capricorn. These combinations of our Asteroid Goddesses of nourishment/mothering and partnering combined with the Moon’s apogee ( BLM Lilith) further suggest alienation from needs being easily met- but also help. It’s prudent to take your time and be as wise and strategic as possible. Take care of yourself! Mars in Taurus trines the Moon too- and that’s a helpful energetic aspect with the endurance factor necessary to achieve. Neptune is In an out of sign square to Moon also- transcendent and “veiled messages” may be flying around the collective consciousness. The way ahead is murky. Use Cancerian intuition along with Capricornian strategy and planning to navigate your way through.

I like to release at the Full Moon as well as use the building energy of the waxing Moon to send out my desires. There is prominent Magick in this time.

Ride the Waves of your feelings with awareness and direction. You can participate consciously in the co creation with your commitment and intention.

Many Full Moon Blessings!


Three Goat Moon by Phil Hassey

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