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Cosmic Weather/ Horoscope for Week of 5/28-June 3rd

I’m BACK!!! Writing up some weekly horoscopes for y’all.. cause it’s been a long cold winter and we all “need a little shelter” in this big, bad world. Astrology provides! Whether we are aware of it or not, we all are affected by the Cosmic Weather, and an awareness of it assists us in developing our inner selves. Remember the “Stars incline, they do not compel”!

It’s Gemini season now and the week leading to the month of June begins to show some hard aspects between Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune, continuing the “Fake News” and otherwise murky, nebulous and inflated stories in the communication sector. I know most of us don’t know what’s really going on behind the scenes right now- and this is likely to continue. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and retrograde are making us question how much hard work we will have to put into our existing structures- and are we truly up to the task? What needs to go? Lovely Venus DOES adore to be in her home sign Taurus though, which is a saving grace, even though she lines up with Saturn by weeks end… Could be stabilizing, if you understand that if you want Venus’s goodies, it’s ok to put a little effort into obtaining them! Practice makes perfect with friends, lovers and relations, as well as all things beautiful, such as art, music and the like- I see the lessons and value of Saturn’s hard work!

Look below for a little insight for your week. Read by Sun and Ascendant for a deeper understanding of how/ where the cosmic weather may affect your vibe!

Aries: You have been busy, busy with the latest incarnation of your passion play and perhaps this week it is time to focus on integrating the latest connections you have made with your overall master plan. Lots is changing for you direction wise. Watch striking back if someone speaks against you-there is mis communication here. Wait and see before drawing any conclusions about a piece of information you get. Family can be a source of friction, TRY your best to take a deep breath. Serenity Now! You actually are attracting resources to you this week- money and other forms of support come just when you need them. Weekly Mantra: I AM supported beautifully!

Taurus: It’s nice to have your ruler beaming glamour magick all over you. You aren’t in a bad place this week- even though you are going through big changes that are just beginning to assert themselves. As you may be aware, there is a revolution brewing inside your psyche. The next 7 years will allow you to break free from much that has held you back from living your best life. This week you have to deal with some issues around money potentially owed to you, this will be resolved later in the year, but you’re understandably concerned. Same goes with gossip or uncertainty with friends or groups. Stay centered, and true to your vision. Weekly Mantra: I AM Receiving gracefully

Gemini: It’s your season and happy pre or post solar return! You have our Sun beaming light on your path, guiding the way as well as Mercury whispering new insights straight into the deepest recesses of your psyche. You may be reviewing relationships this week, and it may be a good exercise to list the pros and cons of all your important ones. Do NOT make any decisions or come to any conclusions till mid-August though, as there aren’t any straight answers and the path may be twisting. Right now, you can party a little and try and flow with the latest, unknown and interesting groove. Weekly Mantra: I AM listening with my inner ear

Cancer: You MIGHT be feeling a little feisty with Mars visiting you now, he doesn’t like to express himself in the style of the nurturer, combining love and anger! You have been hosting Pluto and Saturn in your relationships place, there is WORK to do here in your life. Venus in Taurus agrees and brings some support to this project. Go within for clues. You can improve your health, your joy and more with careful reflection and new habits. Give yourself time to review this week. Weekly Mantra: I AM flowing within

Leo: This is a much better year overall for you than the last- and this week is no different. You may have opportunities that assist you in moving forward with broader plans to further career or other directional focuses. Your energy can be used now to work on deeper ways of connecting with your inner self. Therapeutic breakthroughs can be found when you take a look at your instinctive reactions. Experiences you share with others- friends, lovers and partners are also highlighted for your attention. How can you improve your fun, joy, intimacy?? Awareness is key! Weekly Mantra: I AM Aware of my inner self

Virgo: We have some key action for you Virgo- your family and home, partners and direction/vocation are all illuminated for review. Take some time to think on your level of personal satisfaction in these areas. Change can be had with sufficient energetic force, remember “The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step”. Sun and Mercury give you new levels of understanding in regard to what is next for you. If you feel a little frustrated, listen to it, and use the friction as Rocket fuel! Weekly Mantra: I AM ready for change!

Libra: Mars sits at the top of your chart, opposing Saturn, Pluto at the bottom! Power plays aren’t always Libra’s “style”, but we cannot forget that you ARE a cardinal sign and set up to take action. This is doubly so now, and perhaps this is your opportunity to take a leadership role or get going in regard to achieving your personal goals. Communications, learning and your work and health are also highlighted this week, do remember your health and well-being is dependent on integrating mind, body and spirit! Weekly Mantra: I AM balancing my life and health!

Scorpio: You have Venus in your partnership place, highlighting bringing harmony to your intimate relationships. She wants you to find an ever more fulfilling relationship, so take the time now to build a bridge into trust and comfort with existing partners and/or open to the possibility of receiving new ones. This is a year of receiving more, more resources, more joy- from a variety of sources. Take a look at the idea of integrating a positive objective into your mindset. You will find that more often than not you are what you think! Weekly Mantra: I AM receiving joy

Sagittarius: SUCH a big year you my friend! Your ruler is currently in retrograde though till August 12th and lining up with Mercury and Neptune, highlighting a time to just review the big changes that happened earlier in the year. Are you speaking your truth? Are you walking your talk? Your partner is illuminated now and it’s important to see them as they are and connect to them authentically. Your home and family are also connected. You can find a dream home or answers to issues that have come up. Do not make a lot of hard and fast decisions until mid-August, meanwhile make lists of what you want and don’t. Weekly Mantra: I AM Expanding my life

Capricorn: You have been through so much Capricorn and I salute you. Hosting Pluto and now Saturn in your sign is a lot. Saturn however is your ruler and you are no stranger to sense of having to work hard, endure trials and discipline yourself in to where you want to be. This year is “the view of the summit”. You are almost there. Keep going! Mars plays around with partners, they may seem extra assertive and this can make you feel less. Sun and Mercury in Gemini highlight work you do and the daily habits in which you do it. There are illuminations around your health and it is an ideal time to incorporate these new insights into your daily life. Keep the faith! Weekly Mantra: I AM on my way!

Aquarius: Big changes around moving house happened this year and this will continue to provide illuminations in regard to your personal life and direction. SO much is coming for you next year but for now you realize that “Wherever you go, there you are”. You get insight into how you are always co creating your reality with the Universe, and much of your discontent can be put to rest when you commit to working hard and transforming your subconscious response. This week enjoy your home, friends and have some fun. Weekly Mantra: I AM transforming my inner self

Pisces: Lovely Pisces you are becoming ever more deeply sensitized to the siren’s song! You can hear it on interior levels singing to you what is next. For now, enjoy your immediate surroundings, the land beneath your feet, family or your nest. Review how you wish to move forward, as it’s possible to land your dream job or be seen for your art, vision and more. Meanwhile this week it’s essential to just flow and do a little spring cleaning on mind, clean out the negative stories or debris and add in some positive symbols, visualize the lotus! Weekly Mantra: I AM Magick

Hit me up if you need a personal reading sending blessings!

Art - Persephone Rising by She Who Is..

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