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The Astrology of Relating- New Course Offering

Relationships are at the core of a satisfied human experience. The Relationship "style" we have with ourselves and others becomes the foundation of all other accomplishments and actions, and can either support or not- our own personal self expression and development.

Astrology offers tools to better understand our own and others innate or instinctual, unique self-expression and deep inner needs. We each embody foundational or "archetypal" forms of expression too, that are possible to identify and become more aware and conscious of.

As we begin to know ourselves better, we can "fine tune" our actions and re-actions to others behaviors, and life itself. The idea is to see how our charts can be a map or even a prescription for a vitalized, productive and fulfilling life that includes deep and loving connections.

This course is designed for intermediate or higher beginners in Astrology who have some basics in Astrology and are looking to focus specifically on their relationships with others.

We will get into the fundamentals of reading relational needs in the Natal Chart and learn basic Synastric and Composite Chart Reading, timing of relationships via Transits and Progressions and more.

This is a Zoom course, for 2.5 hours offered Saturday September 17th and Saturday September 24 2022 at 10 am PDT. I do request you are present for the course, but you will also receive a recording of it for you to keep, as well as workbooks you can write in.

Bring your chart and those of loved ones, there will be a focus on romantic love, but any and all relationships will be discussed.

You can sign up for the course here:

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