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Total Lunar Eclipse/ Full Moon in Sagittarius May 26th 2021 4:13 am PDT

In Ancient Astrology, Eclipses of the Moon and Sun were divined as malefic, that is as portents of difficulty or even doom. The Sun and Moon were heavenly representations of the Ruler and the Peoples of a Nation. When their luminous natures were blighted or interrupted in the sky, this was a reflection of what was happening on Earth. Priests and Priestesses often tried to mitigate potential difficulties during the Eclipse with offerings, prayers and Mantras.

In Vedic Astrology the Eclipse is described as the dismembered “Dragon” (called Rahu/Ketu the North and South Node of the Moon) gobbling or eating the Luminaries, and in each Eclipse event it’s important to understand what Node of the Moon we are working with.

Here we have the South Node (Karma) of the Moon and the Earth’s Shadow blighting the radiance of the Sun reflected on the Moon. This Lunar eclipse is about releasing the past, moving on, even dealing with a form of crisis having to do with old patterns of emotional relatedness (Moon). This is not a bad thing!

Sagittarius always wants to expand, to travel and move forward in experience, to move ever towards the next goal, so we can release Karma when we move on now. Remember that we live in a dimension and reality of constant change and metamorphosis, that is potentially evolving on consciousness.

This Moon is both ruled by and making major aspect to Jupiter in Pisces, further emphasizing that whatever issue comes up or out will require faith and a positive attitude in order for resolution.

Saturn sextiles the Moon adding some measure of control even as the Moon trines Chiron in Aries. This can be a turning point in resolving our personal and collective crisis. It’s important to acknowledge our pain and also where we may have made mistakes.

Try not to make knee jerk reactions this week, focus on healing prayers and honest and authentic, faith oriented, yet realistic strategies. Mars trine Neptune helps us to see a Higher Love in our behaviors and understand how to potentially transcend conflict by taking the Higher Road in disputes.

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