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Full Moon in Gemini, Weekly Horoscope for 11/19-25

Full Moon in Gemini November 22nd 2018 9:39pm PST Weekly Horoscopes for 11/19 Sabian Symbol: “ A Glass Bottomed Boat Reveals Undersea Wonders”

This Month’s Full Moon almost immediately follows the Sun’s ingress into Sagittarius as well as falling on Thanksgiving in the United States. The lunation’s energy is expansive and significant, with the Sun, Jupiter and Moon in critical degrees. The early degrees (days) of signs emphasize fresh starts and the energy necessary to start projects. Mars, the planet of active responsiveness is now in creative, spiritual Pisces- and forms a T-square aspect to the connection. This major planetary relationship creates a focal point in opposing energy- and allows it to release. The functional archetypes of Gemini/ Sagittarius include the idea of the mind; both in thinking and knowing conditions. Mercury, the dispositor of the Moon is currently in retrograde and close to Jupiter-it suggests we review, AND intuit strategies for communicating and fulfilling our needs. Mars drives us to take action in finding the ways we can accomplish this. The lunar energy this week is both dreamy AND exaggerated; managing our moods and the connections we make mentally is essential! This can be an important Moon for finding creative outlets for our need to know and experience inner truths. The Symbol of a glass bottomed boat shows us how we can see into the depths of the ocean of our own unconscious natures now. Speak kindly and try and find gratitude where you can.

See below for a weekly forecast for your Sun Sign. Read also your Rising/Ascendant for a multi-dimensional view.

Aries: The Moon emphasizes communication. The focal point for you this week will be on the seeds of creativity found in solitude or dream work. You can be seriously creative this week, in whatever medium you choose. It’s a time to find the connections necessary to achieve the next expansion or healing. Travel or higher education is also at play: until 12/6, try and just research and review. Full Moon Mantra: I am opening to expressing myself, making new connections and experiencing gratitude for my insights.

Taurus: Full Moon in your native house! That is, the lunar energy emphasizes what you truly value. It’s a light shining on that, which is TRULY important to you pointing the way to your on-going, upcoming illumination. The times they are a –changing Taurus and you can find special clues this week-as we won’t have another full moon in this place for almost a year. Open to receive- messages, resources or other assistance. Full Moon Keyword Mantra: I AM open to new strategies to expand my ability to create resources for myself as I experience gratitude for all I currently have.

Gemini: Full Moon on YOU Gemini! You may be feeling alternately buoyant and weepy this week, as well as itching to express all of it. It’s ok to be dualistic! It’s what the Full Moon is all about! Just keep Politics and Religion out of the conversations and you will be just fine with partners, friends and family this Holiday. Mars at the top of your chart makes you extra feisty and visible so “shine on you crazy diamond”! Full Moon Keyword Mantra: I am open to allowing myself to grow and flow as I experience gratitude for all that I THINK and know that I am.

Cancer: Full Moon illuminates your unconsciousness, dreams and visions become clearer. With Jupiter in your place of health there is an awareness of how to expand your every day life with new and improved habits and rituals. Mars pushes you to want to travel to see family and friends- or at least speak your own particular truth! Try and see others with kindness even if they have a different opinion and you can enjoy the week and get some sacred messages from your inner temple! Full Moon Keyword Mantra: I am opening to receive messages and insight from within as I express gratitude for all that I FEEL.

Leo: This should be a fun holiday; perhaps a “ Friendsgiving” is in order as the Moon illuminates your place of friends, community and ideals. You may donate time to your neighborhood shelter or put your energy to helping so many that are in distress now. All this is good for you- as you give, you receive! There is definitely an opportunity to get goodies this week too- Jupiter and Sun beam support in your natural house, this makes you lucky in love too. Dance and give thanks under the Moon! Full Moon Keyword Mantra: I WILL to open my heart to receive love and support from my tribe of kindred spirits, wherever they may reside.

Virgo: Gemini Full Moon at the very top of your chart- you may be sitting at the head of the table this week, with dear family and friends. Lots can happen when you have a full Moon visible like this, you could receive something you have wanted for a long time, culminate a project or perhaps you feel like Gemini, bittersweet. Keep your balance (which I am sure you will) by letting it FLOW. Your partners are assertive now, listen to them with kindness. Full Moon Keyword Mantra: I ANALYZE my truth and see it is a result of my thoughts. I open to receive love and nourishment from my heart family, which includes all those dear to me.

Libra: This Full Moon illuminates travel and expanding your every day life. You may be traveling to be with family now, and if you are not, there is a piece of you that is traveling cosmically. It’s a little hint that it may be time again to expand your life or perceptions of what your life can be! Mars brings fire energy to your health and habits. You may desire to expand your way of nourishing yourself too. Learning, and making connections between your mind/body spirit wellness is at play. Open! Full Moon Keyword Mantra: I BALANCE my life by creating harmony between mind, body and spirit. I am opening to receive and give love.

Scorpio: This full Moon falls in your natural home, the place of depth, sometimes obsession, and the place of what you share intimately with another. Secrets may be highlighted now, as well as resources or values between you and your partners. If there is any dispute or estrangement- find what you love mutually- it could be a shared love of the arts, fun activities or even kids. It’s time to tap into your passions and share. Full Moon Keyword Mantra: I DESIRE to share myself and my passions with my trusted connections, and do so with an open heart, receiving theirs in return.

Sagittarius: Happy Birthday Sag! Not only does the Sun move to your sign this week, you also have your ruler Jupiter shining into the mix! Lots of expansions and goodness coming, but for now, you immediately have a Full Moon in your place of Partners. This week all eyes are on your relationships- or lack thereof. It’s on your mind, in your heart and up for debate. To get a clue into what is next, tap in to your connection to your family/ancestry. Clues from childhood could also bring insight and illumination. This is the year for you to expand beyond your unconscious! Full Moon Keyword Mantra: I SEE the path I must follow to expand my perception of life and manifest my dreams!

Capricorn: Lots of activity in your most hidden place, the place of dreams and subconscious, while the Full Moon occurs in your place of health and healing. It illuminates the habits and activities that are best for your upcoming renaissance. You know, healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy emotions. You have been through A LOT the past years and it’s going to take time to heal, but invisible forces are coming to your aid. Be grateful for all that you have this holiday, and speak your truths kindly. Full Moon Keyword Mantra: I USE my time wisely, learning how to balance work with play and seriousness with lightness. I am grateful for my lessons.

Aquarius: This should be a somewhat fun holiday week with a Full Moon in your place of joy and creativity as well as Sun/Jupiter highlighting friends and your community. Mars does push you a little to get things done with work, but you are ok with this. Just don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. You deserve it! Write in a gratitude journal. Full Moon Keyword Mantra: I KNOW how to manifest Joy in my life and do so by maintaining presence in the NOW.

Pisces: Mars is giving you a little more steam this week and in the upcoming ones. Jupiter and the Sun now illuminate your achievements. You are very visible! Full Moon brings some emotional energy to your foundation- that is your emotional center. It could be where you came from, as in home or family. Remember your soul family is also your family- created by love and deep connection. They are there for you now. Full Moon Keyword Mantra: I BELIEVE in my talents and contributions as I accomplish my dreams and manifest my desires.

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