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Solar Eclipse in Aries 11:20 am PDT

All Solar Eclipses are New Moons, where Moon and Sun conjoin- yet we only have the Sun “eclipsed” by the Moon’s presence a few times a year.


Essentially the Moon in its rotation around the Earth meets the Earth’s rotation around the Sun and blocks the Sun’s energetic transmission. Moon Astrologically represents the receptive principle of instinct and intuition which is now shielding/blocking the Solar or active light of the Sun.

All eclipses are unique, and part of a long cycle called a Saros cycle. Eclipses of the Sun and Moon occur in pairs of Solar and Lunar, and they land in a particular Zodiacal axis for about 18 months at a time, repeating this in 9 and 18.5 years.

Traditionally, where an eclipse is visible its energy is most potent. You all reading probably know that this eclipse is also only visible in totality in North America, cutting across the United States from Texas to Maine.

Today’s Eclipse at 19 degree of Aries is part of a grouping of 6 “planets”(Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Chiron, Eris) lined up in the sign.

 Zodiacal Aries is all about initiation, assertion, courage, creative fire and self-interest. Its “season” marks the beginning of the growing year in the Northern Hemisphere as well as the Astrological one.

The planet Mars is Aries “ruler” bringing to the sign an active mission, purpose, or drive to will and its position as ruler tells us more of the quality of the time.

Mars is in Pisces and approaching a conjunction with stern Saturn, a connection considered to be an indicator of difficulty in moving forward. Here we have an indication of force/desire meeting an unmovable obstacle, sometimes downturns in endeavors or plans. We may be aware of a deep existential angst now.


New Moon and Sun are exactly conjoined the planet Chiron, to the minute. This exceptionally close alliance could be suggesting that Chiron’s energetic force of pain and suffering as wisdom drivers are a key for healing what “ails us” personally and collectively.

 Venus in Aries is conjunct Asteroid Hygiea, the goddess of health and hygiene. Retrograde Mercury is also close, revealing the need to carefully consider all your thinking and communication, and Dwarf Planet Eris, “goddess of discord” is also in Aries. That’s a lot of action centered in the sign.

Wherever you have Aries in your chart you may be feeling/experiencing a need or drive for healing, change and growth now.

Note that Mars, as eclipse planetary ruler in Pisces, is itself co-ruled by Neptune ( in Pisces) and Jupiter, which is only two degrees from its conjunction with Uranus.

This once every 14-year conjunction, happening April 20th, brings innovation and invention culturally, with massive change and breakthroughs. We have not had this conjunction in the sign of Taurus since 1941 too.

In Astrological degree theory, the days of each sign express themselves further. In this eclipse the Sun and Moon join Jupiter at 19 degrees, a culminating or actualizing degree, connected to the sign of Libra.

19 degrees is about causal relating, via using the mind to connect and understand the laws of cause and effect in our relationship to the world/life.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

― Jimi Hendrix

Eclipses are big energy events, and this is collective “karma/dharma.” However, if you have personal planets, or the angles of your birth chart (1,4,7,10th houses) close to 19 degrees at Aries/Libra and also Cancer/ Capricorn, the omens/portents of this eclipse ask for attention.

What can be transformed in your life? What needs attention and awareness?

This eclipse could point you to the courage to confront, a game plan to strategize next steps.

The Moon blocking the Sun, source of all energy on earth, is like a Re-boot. A celestiall indicator, that we can start fresh- right now, and allow our connection to the great power and mystery of life, to bring insight and opportunity to evolve.

Look to dreams and other interior insights ( Moon) for healing and moving forward. Be reverent with yourselves and others. Ponder, contemplate.

I suggest allowing insights and new developments being revealed now to germinate and move forward with magicking and purpose in May.



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