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It is the Three Year Anniversary of my book "Capricorn Rising- An Astrological Life"

A little over 4 years ago and just before the world was turned upside down by a global pandemic, my life was shattered by the sudden death of my Mother.

Although she had been recently diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, Mom had survived two other cancer diagnoses in the past and was focused, bound and determined to make her life as long as possible. "If RBG can do it, so can I.."she told her children and we absolutely believed her.

Less than 90 days later she was gone. I wrote about her passing's Astrology in an earlier blog entitled Astrology of Crisis, which you can find here

As we were in a pandemic and unable to do much, I began to write. To write about my childhood and how entwined it was with Astrology, as well as my Mothers occult, philosophical and psychological studies. It turned into a little book, cohesive in using stories of my family and decidedly unusual upbringing, with illustrating Astrology's conceptual format.

I added questions for the reader to apply the book's Astrology to their own life and decided to give myself 9 months to ready it for publishing, which I did myself via Amazon's self publishing tool.

It is very much a celebration of my Mother's teachings and a sharing of them, as well as a personal "purge" of some of my own life's hardships and how Astrology helped me through and guides me still.

If you haven't read it you can find it here

I would love it if you would read it. If you can't afford a book let me know too.

Also If you have read it what did you think?

Appreciate you.



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