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Lunar Eclipse in Libra- 3/25/24 12 midnight PDT



"Virtue is the golden mean between two vices, the one of excess and the other of deficiency" Aristotle


Sabian Symbol: A (hu*)man watches ideals taking a concrete form before his inner vision. Keynote: The need to clearly visualize one’s dreams or ideals in order to make them effectual.

A Note on Lunar Eclipses:

Lunar eclipses affect all of us on a personal level. They function differently than Solar ones as their form of energetic expression can potentially force an internal adjustment, a new emotional or feeling response to a situation. The eclipse’s closeness to the north or south node indicates the intensity and the aspects to other planets at the time of the eclipse will flavor it. The length of time an eclipse takes to complete can inform us about the general length of time we can expect to experience its “lessons” too. As Lunar eclipses occur during a Full Moon, they are generally about completeness, ripening and sometimes crisis.

It’s essential to pay attention to the need to make changes in your life voluntarily. If not, during eclipses the universe may make an adjustment through situations that may seem out of control.

To note, where you have early Libra in your chart will tell you where in your life these changes may take place- look to aspects also to any of your personal planets as these will give additional layers of “flavor” to what is needed for you to "evolve" in your life now.

Our first eclipse of 2024 is in lovely Libra, ruled by the planet Venus- which happens to be currently exalted in mystical and empathic Pisces and in harmonious aspect and mutual reception with Jupiter!

This is good stuff and possibly softens the quality of any crisis. However, Venus as eclipse ruler has just come out of being “besieged” between Mars and stern Saturn and then a conjunction with Saturn. Note also Venus is currently invisible in our sky until June. This may indicate the Libran/Venusian need for relational harmony and accord is working “behind the scenes” now, essentially whatever we want to happen, to rid ourselves of ( this IS a south node eclipse, so release is doubly favored) may take time to complete- even as long as 6 months.

If you personally have Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Libra, or if you have angles of the chart there, you may experience some profound change in the arena of life indicated by Libra natally- also if your birthday or “half- birthday” is within 5 days of the eclipse, it's even more important to note what is coming up in life for you. For clues, look to last October 14th’s solar eclipse, as well as the March of 2016 Lunar Eclipse in Libra and/or the March 1997 Lunar Eclipse- What was going on your life then? You may get a kind of reprise now.

Buckle up Buttercups- and ask yourself what are your dreams? This eclipse seasons magical energy can trigger both crises in consciousness and much needed and evolutionary change. An eclipse's energy is major, and can sometimes be dangerous too, our ancient teachers advised no magicking now.

So do be careful, don’t push, observe. Recommendations are for meditation, purification rituals and offerings only. Prayer and fasting during the eclipse is further advised. Note situations and pivot or strategize change afterwards. Lots going on in the next 30 days, including Mercury RX, the Solar Eclipse and finally the Jupiter, Uranus Conjunction on April 20th. Take it slow, watch for signs..




Art by Bella De Luna


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