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Full Moon in Leo 1.28.2111:16am pst


The Inspiration: Refreshment after ‘the long night of the soul’. Dawn meditations bringing inspiration. Awakening energies signaling new beginnings. Changing emotions. Counseling.

The Caution: Not letting go of difficult situations. Persisting with problems that have been solved. Feeling that the worst is going to happen all the time. Depression.*

This first full Moon of 2021 is complex, bringing a lunation to the forefront that epitomizes the main “thrust” of the year. It’s a major Aquarius Season with the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius and this energy is now directly squaring a very volatile combo of Uranus, Mars and Black Moon Lilith (the apogee of the Moon) in Taurus. This energy then creates a T square aspect with the Moon, all alone in Leo.

The result is friction, the collective energy of breaking free -from polarization perhaps, or the struggle to creatively integrate and overcome challenges.Maybe it's a playground fight with several "cliques" against a lone hero....

Luna in Leo, is typically prideful and fun, burning brightly in the flames of passion. With all the squaring and opposing energy now though we can jump between feeling alternately idealistic and then disappointed, especially when our inspired dreams do not come true or when life or love fails to show up according to plan. The grouping of energetic expressions all in Fixed mode signs shows many feeling principled, inspired, stubborn and often righteous, we all like to be right, and generally with Moon in Leo we feel that WE are .However, the Aquarius stellium instructs that our energy, our love, our talents are best expressed when they serve others. The collective wins now, what helps the ALL. We need to find the Unity in our Diversity.

The Tarot cards associated with Leo are The Sun, which depicts a “divine child,” arms outstretched under a beaming Sun, and Strength, which shows a young woman with her hands placed lovingly on a Lion’s mouth, leading him with a chain of flowers. Both these cards symbolize the positive potential within this archetype to utilize strength and life’s power in positive and joyous ways.

Shine your heart/love out to the world, even if it is sad and lonely and traumatized, you will receive the energy back three fold.

Know also you are beautiful and we see you and love you for it, and your humanity.

Blessings, Michelle *lyndaHills Sabian Oracle

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