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Full Moon in Libra: Sunday March 28th 11:49 am PDT -“Reaching Love”

“Love is asking To be loved Love is you You and me Love is knowing We can be Love is free Free is love Love is living Living love”. Love by John Lennon

Happy Full Moon!

The Lunar release moment is in the place of Libra, highlighting our innate, collective need for balance, beauty, harmony, grace, justice, relatedness and LOVE.

Astrologically, the Moon is our instinctual selves, the place where we feel most natural, where we respond to others needs, and how we want others to respond to us.

With our current, collective Astrology reflecting a fiery and urgent Sun in Aries, joined by combust (invisible) Venus, conjoined with pain wielding Chiron, we NEED this airy and refined Moon to balance some of the many frustrations we are having in NOT getting what we want right now.

It’s as if this Moon is saying to us, step back, bring some space into your wounds, your previous or even current “dark passage” and try some bringing some LOVE to your life. Love always comes from opening your heart, something not always easy to do. My Mom always told me “ Relating is hard, but remember that Saturn is exalted in Libra.” Here we can our scars into stars if we can make an effort to both love AND be loved.

Right now, we have all been through some collective pain. Those who have had a year of relatively few personal traumas have all also been through the constraint of a pandemic, a contentious election year, violence in our streets and institutions. Chiron conjoined the Sun highlights this pain.

Some pain never full goes away, but remember it can be harnessed, used as a source of compassion or fuel for action- to right wrongs, to heal what wounds we can of our own, to love others that may be hurting too. Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius trine our lunation, the kinds of things we act upon (Mars) can help push our ideal and collective needs now! It’s time to make a difference in the world by using our “self” (Aries) to help the “other” (Libra).

As the Moon’s ruler Venus is hiding from us, we need to do what we can to cultivate her lessons in her apparent “absence”. Sun in Libra John Lennon instructed “ Love is asking to be Loved, Love is You, You and Me, Love is Knowing we can be Free”.

I think that taking action to give a little Love, to ask for Love, then allow ourselves to BE Loved is essential now.

Remember it starts with YOU, loving YOU!

Here is my go to ritual for self healing and self love.

Self-Love Intention Setting Moon Ritual

Place a shell, or other representative for water, a stone or crystal of your choice for earth, a candle for fire and sage or incense for air on your table/altar.

Light the sage/incense and smudge yourself and the four directions

(Start from the East).

Take your candle and light it, put it on a plate and scatter salt all around it,

Look deeply into the candle light and focus your thoughts, emotions and will.

Say aloud

“ As this candle light burns, so does the light inside of me, as this flame burns, do my body, mind, heart and spirit align themselves and become one”

As you do this ritual, you may hold your shell and stone/crystal and say

“ By the Power of water and earth, I invite healing. self love and protective energy to come into my body, heart and mind, to create comfort and joy, knowing I am connected always to the great divine”

Let the candle burn itself out or burn for at least 10 minutes while you hold the thought of hope, joy and healing in your mind.

So Be it!

Moon Blessings,


Art- Self Love by Mia Adams

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