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Full Moon in Libra Tuesday April 7th, 20207:34pm PDT

Welcome to a Full Moon that symbolically shines a light on our current predicament. Full Moons are always time of culmination, representing the fullness of the previous New Moon’s energetic seed planting. This challenging full moon brings to ripeness energies of complexity and depth, involving the Aries and Libra polarity (ME vs YOU), in an oppositional T-Square, or Triad with Capricorn (Authority). These Cardinal, or action- oriented signs are also engaging another layer of the theme of truth VS lies as they aspect Neptune and Mercury in Pisces!

There is an energetic force in Aries season focused on taking action for the self. The Aries archetype ego identifies. Sometimes this can be expressed by simply taking what we want from others without apology or acting out (for whatever reason justified) to accomplish self-interests that seem like mere survival yet may be personal ambition. This Full Moon brings things to a head. The Moon in Libra is conjunct Juno, Goddess of contracts and marriage. She asks for fairness in all our dealings. Libra harmonizes the collective and brings to light imbalances. There is a strong need for justice and peace without righteousness, a focus on equal shares for all. The lunation of opposition is squared by Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn, it seems apparent that the excesses of those in Authority are exposed for all. There may also be some definitive hope in the potential for generosity by those in charge as the Greater Benefic Jupiter expands all he touches. Venus as dispositor or ruler of our lunation is in curious Gemini and currently conjunct Vesta, Asteroid goddess of the Sacred Flame and of Home and Hearth. It feels very appropriate for each of us to have to tend to our own inner flame of hope as we dedicate ourselves to the purpose of living in alignment with both Nature and our own personal truth, the inner hearth fire that lives within us all. It’s interesting to note that the Sabian Symbol ( a series of images intuited for the degrees of the zodiac by Psychic Medium Elsie Wheeler in 1920) for this lunation is “A gang of robbers in hiding” Blain Bovee says about this degree: “The task of getting around obstacles...a symbol expressive of the need to find a way out of a difficult situation.” Venus is in supportive trine to Mars and Saturn in Aquarius. Our collective need now is for new ideas, data, innovative techniques and out of the box thinking that has the potential to move ourselves out of a tough spot.

See Below for Full Moon Horoscopes by Sign. For a Deeper perspective read your Sun AND Ascendant.

Aries: It’s time Aries- time to heal, to change, to rebirth yourself! As well as to hold a laurel wreath out to estranged loved ones you care about. Although you MUST be for yourself, there is much wisdom in giving to others --whether this is your actual time, your ear or the ‘talking stick”. Change is here- and your life in the next years will look much different than today, for now get innovative regarding your challenges and do what you can for others too. Your Affirmation: When I give and share my talents and gifts with others everyone wins.

Taurus: All things begin with conception, in the dark, in the ground within the “womb” of life. This is your deep unconscious or psyche. Now, the Full Moon illuminates the work you have done with your health and wellness, service and rituals. You can culminate new healing practices and release energy in the process of focusing on your everyday habits. Release worry around needing to “know” outcomes, open yourself to new philosophies and learning. Your Affirmation: My wellness, work and daily habits benefit by creating peace and balance in my inner life.

Gemini: Venus provides a magnetic avenue for Gemini to get what they want. She will beam her power into your sign until August 8th. You will have an attracting quality so ensure you are focused on what you WANT. Your community is also highlighted, whether it is your neighbors, friends or groups you belong to, try and get involved. The full Moon shines a light on your joy too. While you quarantine, take the time out to create. Even isolated you can dance, play, make art, write, hang out. Good things are coming, are right in front of you too. Your Affirmation: My creative spirit is inspired by my community.

Cancer: For Cancer and Capricorn, it hasn’t been easy- well it hasn’t been easy for most- but for you it’s been heavy and transformative. The Eclipses in your sign over the last 18 months brought massive change, the “hand of destiny” kind! Right now, the Aries/Libra Sun and Moon are smack dab on your Home/Career place. The Full Moon focuses is on your home, foundation and inner core. I know you aren’t super into changing your life in general, but change IS here and you’re ready. if you set your intention properly, the Universe supports you renewing yourself, and your relationships. Celebrate with family, whether physically or virtually. Your Affirmation: When I create a peaceful home life, I feed and inspire my goals and direction.

Leo: Aries season inspires Leo to expand their perspective and philosophy, this feeds into the desire to learn and grow in consciousness. You may be stuck at home, but it doesn’t mean you can’t travel in your mind. Take an online class in something you are interested in, favorable choices include all the arts, a new language, a virtual tours of the world’s great museums and more. It’s even possible to start a podcast or other “ performance based” communicative endeavor. You may be asked also to teach, or train others. Go for it - you were BORN to be seen to expand your loving and generous heart out to others. Reach out also to your siblings if you have them. Give of yourself freely and it will be returned threefold. Your Affirmation: When I continue to learn and share my learning, I am eternally renewed.

Virgo: Big Highlight on your partners and resources. Aries season shines a light on loans, debts and bonuses. Definitely sign up for assistance, as this will be available to you. In addition, you may the opportunity to increase money and resources in general at work or expand your assets. Work on this now, it is going to really help you with stress, which is very crucial to your health Virgo. (got your attention?) Also, take time every day for hobbies, to create or just dance and have fun as you quarantine. It will help. Your Affirmation: I peacefully allow myself to receive assistance, assets and more from others

Libra: Full Moon on you babe! Feeling emotional? It’s time for you to let go of control. Of perfection or of trying to fit yourself in a box. Ask partners and friends for help, or to collaborate on a project you want to accomplish. Working on connecting to others in this time of isolation is a theme for you. There is deep wisdom in sharing that you were born to experience. Take this week to release fear that you are not enough. You have always been more than enough. Your Affirmation: I balance my life by both giving and receiving equally.

Scorpio: Like Taurus, this is time for you to plant seeds AND release the old. You will transform how you have been relating to others – personally and professionally, over the next six years, so for now just imagine yourself in a completely empowered way. You are inherently perceptive, keen and probing. This Full Moon brings dreams and hunches on how your inner self effects your health and well-being. Commit to eating well, thinking well and loving well, even in quarantine. You damn well deserve it. Your Affirmation: Balancing my thoughts and inner life, promotes peace in my outer one.

Sagittarius: Pisces season was hard on you, and you had to defend places deep within you that you thought were safe. Aries is your sister Fire Sign and beams a jolt of positive and motivating energy into your core. In this full Moon you are working on channeling your creative energy. It’s time to get think outside the box and reach out to your community. What gifts do you have right now that can benefit others? Do a ritual of channeling the creative fire, learn Kundalini Yoga, move that energy! Your Affirmation: When I share my gifts and talents with my network, it inspires me to create more.

Capricorn: Like Cancer the Full Moon is like an arrow shooting straight up through your chart. Where you have come from, where you are going, these themes are highlighted. Amidst a time of extremes, take some time to think about what you want, as well as how you want to be seen, as this is also illuminated. Release fear of not being enough. Take leadership if indicated, set your intention and wait on the “will of heaven”. Your Affirmation: The strength I have developed from overcoming obstacles, inspires my goals and direction.

Aquarius: Full Moon energy beams into your places of communication, travel and mind expansion, expanding your perspective. You can roam also virtually or symbolically. You may be stuck at home, but it doesn’t mean you can’t travel in your mind. Like Leo-take an online class in something you are interested in, or maybe you want to teach something you have mastered! Messages will come from this as well as gurus, sages and your Tarot Cards. Listen and know you are guided. Your Affirmation: My mind opens wide to receive new messages, communications and learnings.

Pisces: Mercury RX and Sun and Neptune in your Sign the last month was intense.We still have Mercury and Neptune conjoined, so you may be still a little confused about just what is happening in the cosmos. The information you need to know is within you. In order to transform your life, to see yourself as powerful and capable! Listen, just listen. You are also galvanized to make money to support yourself now. Why don’t you just start creating and sell your art, your Magick, your time? Full Moon shines a light on loans or other assistance. Fill out those forms and get paid. You deserve it. Your Affirmation: I receive energy and assistance from sharing my creations.

Play, Howl, Create and Express yourself with Ritual, this is a Magickal portal to both create change and ride the wave of the new.

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