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Happy Equinox and Libra Season Folks! 9/22/2020

Libra is mid-point in the Wheel of the Year, the third Cardinal sign, beginning of Autumn. It’s the only Astrological sign with an inanimate symbol- the Scales of Justice.

It’s Tarot card fittingly is also Justice, which symbolizes the need for discrimination and balance in life. In the Rider Waite version of the card, we see a woman seated on a throne, with the scales in her left hand and the sword of truth in right. She sits between two pillars like the High Priestess, representing the duality inherent in choice.

The constellation of Libra has been associated with the Scales as early as 2001 BC. The Babylonians connected the time of year with their Goddess Ziba Ana who weighed the souls of the dead in order to determine their moral worth. The Egyptian Goddess Ma’at took over the role, using a feather as a counter balance to a human heart. Ma’ats work was seen to save the Universe from chaos and destruction, by ensuring human souls adhered to natural laws.

“Lovely Libra” my Mom would always say. It's element is Air, concerned with thought, ideas and aesthetics. Libra’s can also be excellent mediators, counselors, lawyers and Artists ( It IS a Venus ruled sign) utilizing their delicate and innate ability to use harmony, beauty and balance of form in any of the arts they employ.

In my Natal chart, Midheaven is 23 Libra-conjunct my mother’s ascendant! This could certainly account for the affinity I felt with my Mother’s own love of and focus on beauty, art, music, spiritual and occult/ astrology counseling practices..

It seems obvious we were both “born” to share in a similar life experience, or perhaps for me to take up her work!

Mom’s Libra Ascendant also corresponded with her need for harmony and the desire to have our family always "get along”. She couldn’t stand fights, loud voices or yelling.

With my own Libra Midheaven and a loaded 7th house (Libras natural house and the arena of partnerships and relationships) Libran experiences of peace and harmony, balance, natural law, counseling, relationships, romance and artistic aesthetics have always been a driving force in life.

Though Libras are primarily concerned with peace and love and getting along, I have also heard them to be called a "polite Aries". They HATE to see the brutality, ugliness and unfairness of life and can be quite fierce ideological fighters, debaters and justice seekers...*

Do you have planets in Libra, the 7th house?

You will be visited the 30 days or so with Sun's ray here- opening up a rather tough month.. Hang in there through a Mars opposition and squares to Saturn and Pluto- by years end the storm will have passed with you the better for it. PROMISE.

* excerpt from my book Capricorn Rising

Libra by Johfra Bosshart

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