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Leo New Moon 8:12 pm PDT July 31st Mercury Direct 8:58pm PDT July 31st

Lunation Forecast, Wishes and Affirmations by Sign

The Leo New Moon comes like the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, and a long strange trip it’s been- through the eclipses and their dark relating to the Saturn / Pluto meat grinder times. This Sun and Moon coupling is blessed by Venus conjunct in radiant Leo and boasts Uranus striking his lightning bolts into the week and the New Moon; bringing insights, illuminations and potentially a courageous Spirit to break free from old patterns of being and relating to ourselves.

The light of the moon is re-born heralding trickster Mercury moving direct in late degrees of Cancer. We aren’t by any means done with the process of restructuring and re-framing of the past and of our security, but for now-- we are moving out of the inward navel gazing. The ongoing Neptune in Pisces experience- of deep murkiness, depth and illusion made many of us feel we were almost lost in Cancer/Capricorn eclipses. Like a sacred torch held high for all to see- this Leo season has the potential to teach us how to keep going through the “Long Day’s Journey into Night”.

Below is some inspiration for the lunation by Sun Sign/Ascendant. I added a theme for your wishes (5 for Leo’s number) and an affirmation. Add these into a small or large ritual tonight or tomorrow for optimal use of the energy of the time!

Aries: Leo New Moon holds a flame in your place of sacred play. A light is shining on your opportunity to move forward by cultivating joy in any darkness. It is up to YOU to learn what to do to ensure you are creating new sources of inspiration and play. It comes from allowing yourself the creative process and this includes fun. Tonight, safely light a yellow or orange candle. Write down 5 wishes for increased joy in your life. Your affirmation is “I am the spark of creativity, the sacred initiator of my life.”

Taurus: The New Moon and Sun, Venus and Mars all join up in a very important angle in your chart. This is the place of foundation, where you come from and where you live. Family/ancestry, your physical home, and your self-esteem are highlighted. Your true security is in your understanding of your own divine light. You are a manifestation of source. No one or no-thing can dim your light. You carry this flame with you wherever you go, creating sustainable and deep security within. Today and tomorrow take the time to write 5 wishes along these themes. Your affirmation is “I carry the source of inspiration and security within me. I am divinely secure and guided at all times”

Gemini: This New Moon allows you to become more deeply yourself. The lunation happens in your natural home of the mind, of connections and experiences that allow you to see your place in the nature of things. You can take some deeper to steps to draw some conclusions from where you have been now. A short trip can be inspiring as is all forms of communication and learning. You draw an “AHA” from your circumstances that makes all the difference. Today/Tomorrow write down 5 wishes for insights on how to better express your needs, thoughts and more. Affirmation: “I am always divinely guided to express my true and radiant self”

Cancer: It’s been a year already for you loves and you kind of know that something is up. That something is your ability to make sustainable, lasting change in your life. The last lunations were tough. This one not so much- things are coming to you; appreciation, money and other forms of support. You deserve each and every one as you WORKED for this! Open yourself to receiving now and counting every single blessing. Exhale, then breathe. It’s all divinely planned. Wishes are for receiving the resources you need. Write 5 down. Affirmation is “I am allowing myself to receive the resources I need to grow”

Leo: Happy Solar Return gorgeous Leo! It’s ALMOST ALWAYS time for you to shine, yet the last couple years were so TOUGH. Less so now, it’s safe to come out and enjoy again. You are attracting so much to you, all the things you enjoy. This lunation just bask in the glow of Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and more bringing you the confidence, courage, energy and inspiration to soldier on with your creative self. Wishes are around self-expression. Write 5 down. Affirmation “I am the divine spark. I create my world and personal journey now”

Virgo: Virgos take deep inspiration from their inner selves now. Dreams and visions, artistic pursuits, and soul-based therapies are all access points for Virgo to connect to their true source of inner light in Leo season. This New Moon is like the torch of the Goddess Hekate, lighting the way in the dark of the underworld. Soon it will be time for actions that move your forward, but the inspiration is NOW. Write down 5 wishes Tuesday/Wednesday along the theme of accessing your sub-conscious. Affirmation” I am guided by the spark of the divine within. I have AHA moments when I connect to my inner self”

Libra: This can be a fun and inspiring time to connect with community and friends. All month the theme of creating and participating in a mutually beneficial and inspiring group is highlighted. You see how you light up others, and this fuels the confidence and energy you need to keep giving and receiving energy. Be CONFIDENT in your leadership abilities now within this context. You will RADIATE deeply when you are. Write down 5 wishes around the theme of leadership in a group setting and add to your new moon ritual. Affirmation “I am confident in my ability to shine in service to others”

Scorpio: Like Taurus, this new moon is REALLY important to you Scorpio. With Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and soon to be Mercury at the top of your chart you are really being SEEN now. Your status may be changing, you may get a promotion or outside recognition for the work you have put in. You aren’t always a “sunny” personality, but you may feel like it this week. Play in the Sun, have fun, take all the goodies offered to you- it’s good for your nature to come up from underworld sometimes. Wishes are around where you want to GO in life. Career etc. Write 5 now. Affirmation “I accept recognition and reward for all I have created”


IF you can take a little VACAY soon that would be DIVINE! Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars highlight travel, and other MIND EXPANDING activates such as higher learning, publishing, spiritual activities and more. Not only are the luminaries beaming support to you- in less that 2 weeks your ruler is moving direct. GET READY TO ROCK! For now, play and expand your ability to see what is possible for you. Wishes are around expansion of potential in general. Affirmation “I am expanding my ability to understand that my potential is LIMITLESS”

Capricorn: This lunation is all about support. You get it when you need it-- and learning to be OK with the theme of dependence or inter-dependence is highlighted now. You want to be in charge and independent and mostly have been- until recent years. The Pluto/Saturn Meat grinder have chewed you up and spit you out. However, there has been a safety net waiting and your free-fall landed safely. Celebrate this now! Write down 5 wishes around trusting the secret and invisible world of losing personal control. Affirmation “I am trusting the sacredness and vulnerability inherent in being supported”

Aquarius: Love and Partnerships. it’s good stuff. Like my message to Capricorn, you don’t like sharing your independence with dependence, yet your partners or partnering is highlighted and you can’t NOT share in the fortune they are offering. If you’re NOT partnered, expect something SOON. It’s a great time to date and get out there and SHARE your interesting and sparkling self. Write down 5 wishes around the theme of what you WANT in a partner. Affirmation “I am opening myself to allow a partner to share and give love and joy:

Pisces: For Pisces it’s all about enjoying more fun EVERY DAY. Like trying to create a healthy routine of fun. Maybe it’s scheduling one hour of every day to play, like a child, to incorporate ever deeper levels of creativity into work activates or create a daily habit of time for pure joy by creating gratitude lists or allowing yourself to simply be hopeful and positive about where you are in your life. Now, write down 5 wishes along the themes above.. Affirmation: I am creating a daily habit if cultivating joy and positivity into my life.

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