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Lunar Eclipse in Taurus- 11/8/2022 3:01 am PDT

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

The Sabian Symbol for the eclipse:


"Although we all have our own ideas of right and wrong, this Symbol shows a desire to go head-to-head to bring light and love to situations that seem dark and foreboding. Often, there is a struggle between one’s practical needs and the underlying reasons for having those needs. You may find yourself sometimes caught up in what you are trying to achieve and have lost sight of why. There’s often corruption around, but the endeavor to bring ‘enlightenment’ to people often meets with severe resistance. Witness the stranglehold the media has on information.

‘Might’ versus ‘light’. Arguments over ideals. The Spear of Destiny. Arguments. The Inquisition. The Crusades. The pen being mightier than the sword. The media.

The Caution: Controlling those around you with rational force rather than inner enlightenment. The interests of big business vs. those of the individual. Propaganda". -Lynda Hill’s Sabian Symbol Oracle

A Lunar eclipse occurs physically when the shadow of the earth obscures the radiant light of the Sun on the surface of the Moon. From an Astrological view, we have the idea that the symbolic force of the Moon has been “overshadowed” by the energy of Earth. Historically, eclipses and especially Lunar ones, have been seen as fated and ominous. However, if we lean into the myriad of energetic expressions here, we can see the potential available in the archetypal “lessons” at play.

First, we have Moon in Taurus conjunct North Node. Representing innate, instinctual hunger ( (North Node) and need (Moon) for connection, nourishment, safety, security, and stability. This combination is conjoined with Uranus, the need for revolution and rebellion. Uranus also is an inventor, a scientist and non- conformist. It’s helpful to have innovation looking at our basic/earthly needs- how can we progress helpfully in our goals now?

Moon, North Node and Uranus oppose Mercury, Sun, Venus and South Node in Scorpio. Our “feelings” for an "ordinary' life, for sameness and security can get us into a rut sometimes. The Sun in Scoprio now wants to shine a light on this, and Mercury/Venus here wants us to think about how we will not get out of this Mortal Coil alive, and that being honest and intimate about our fears of the “underworld” or shadow of life, can bring balance, illumination, and comfort. We cannot deny evidence of abuse or horrors in life by putting our heads in the sand. This eclipse may bring some deep fears into your awareness.

The planet Saturn represents restriction and boundaries, obstacles, and isolation- as well as trials and tests, responsibility, structure, and authority/ mastery. The Moon, Uranus North Node opposition to Sun, Mercury, Venus, and South Node is “ crossed” or squared by it. From this we see that Saturn, as a guide or teacher is providing its lessons of boundaries- opposing sides don't get far when Saturn sets up walls.

We may be frustrated, but processes and time have their benefits in oppositional situations. Eventually we will be stabilized.

Look to where you have the Taurus/Scorpio polarity in your natal chart- this will be where you can be enlightened, where you will reap what you have sown, or have to balance some of your own karma/dharma now. Both and all are applicable.

We can learn to grow and develop wisdom by learning how to balance oppositions with awareness (via Saturn in Aquarius) at this Eclipse.

See below for clues on what may occur by Sun/Ascendant

Aries- Money, Shared Resources/Assets and Priorities are changing. Dig into what’s REALLY important to you now. You can manage your life and develop security without materialism. Do the work.

Taurus- YOU have been changing for the last several years- and it’s been outside your control, which is scary. Lean into the mystery and let go of fear, especially of fear of intimacy with others. This year be conscious with setting goals for your life.

Gemini- Your own deepest sub/unconscious belief systems, and your wellness and health are all connected! You must create new healthy habits in mind, body and spirit. Weed your inner garden. Cultivate a new philosophy and learn new things!

Cancer-It’s important to find new friends and let go of old habits of attracting folks who push or cross boundaries. Power is at issue; examine how you can be transformed with awareness of who’s actually holding it now.

Leo- Your new life awaits, and you may be hungry for attention, however- its time to look at how some of your family life or relationships with family of origin have affected your own, cultivated ones. So, do some personal releasing this eclipse, cleansing and lean into your future

Virgo- Follow Geminis advice and continue your almost constant monitoring of your habits and daily life. Work is hard but new vistas await, get re-educated or set goals to expand your potential. Let go of self-limiting beliefs and ideas.

Libra- Like Aries, it’s about looking at your priorities and goals, assets and resources and doing some evaluating. Letting go of how you attract things to yourself may be key, as is building with others, and creating room to receive help and support. Work on strategies!

Scorpio- Like Taurus, all eyes on you right now. You are sexy and strong and getting some things coming your way, yet- it is time to acknowledge your part in whatever dilemma confront you. Have you been stand offish? Aloof or maybe too intense? Can you let go of control a little? Try and do so.

Sagittarius- Take some time to look at how daily life materializes from your expectations and ideas. You can move forward in healing your whole self by integrating therapeutic modalities now. Work can be transformed via innovation. Dreams and memories fuel “aha” moments to make big changes in communication styles.

Capricorn- What’s happening for you is that your priotities are changing and you must be present for the process. Creativity, work, love, joy, friendship, and altruism are all connected here. As you have been turned inside out over the last decade, perhaps rethinking what really turns you on NOW is appropriate now?

Aquarius-“The waiting is the hardest part” wrote Tom Petty, and yet its essential. Life is a marathon. Your inner life and what sustains you; your home and family, as well as your career or direction may need some evaluating. Look to your home for repairs or re-design. This

move energy in the right direction for you.

Pisces- Working on getting support is super beneficial now. Therapy or counseling can really help identify blocks in thinking or belief systems that are limiting! It’s important to be as kind and loving to yourself as you can! Remember we are never too old to have a beginner’s mind, let yourself take a chance and allow new modes of thinking and communication to creatively emerge.

Art by Rich Carparas

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