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New Moon in Aquarius- January 31st, 2022, 9:45 PM PST

Sabian Symbol-A barometer

Gauging atmospheric pressure...

Aquarius 13 points to a knack or sensibility to gauge the atmosphere, much like a barometer can give readings of air pressure portending unseen developments in weather. Being sensitive to times of change in this way is like 'feeling it in the air'.

As the third degree-symbol in the five-fold series, a measure of cautiousness maintaining what one has, and managing resources for the right time to move forward is expected. Patience to read the situation, assess it and choose the right moment to join in are what the 'barometer' degree is all about.*

Our New Moon is also the Lunar New Year, traditionally celebrated in Asia as the second new moon after the Winter Solstice, and is close to Imbolc, the Celtic mid-point between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. The quality of the time is the awakening of the energy of Spring, the spark of new beginnings- and the month of February will be supercharged with these themes.

Our Aquarian Sun and New Moon fall only 3 degrees away from Saturn and 1 degree away from a square with Uranus- which activates the Saturn/Uranus square energy experienced all of 2021.

Saturn and Uranus’s combined energy-as the traditional and modern rulers of Aquarius, represent Aquarius’s mission of applying new and unique viewpoints and technologies to all our life’s structures, from families, to work and governments.

Uranus’s “freedom from the known” combines with Saturn’s hard work and need for form. This creatively “births” updated ways and modes of living.

The need for expansion and restriction, like the in and out of our breath as our lungs constrict and expand- is needed at appropriate times. We must be patient (Saturn) as we work for our liberation/change (Uranus) This is much of the gift of Aquarian energy.

This Moon is only days away from its yearly exact conjunction with Saturn and is just separating from a sextile to Chiron- the constriction, and the pain that has been legitimately experienced, needs to be approached with seriousness and maturity. Acknowledge all you have endured and know you can leave behind some of the elements of the past as we embrace a future that may be partially shaped by our desires.

Venus is now direct in Capricorn and on February 4th we have Mercury direct, close to Pluto, now all planets in the solar system are in forward motion for the first time since Late April 2021. This window will continue till April 29th of this year, so take advantage of the force for change by taking action in this period. So much is happening in February I will do another post prior to the Full Moon, but for now, take some time to cleanse and clear your home and body during this new Moon, and make wishes along the lines of creating new and supportive structures where you have Aquarius in your personal chart.



Here’s some suggestions for clearing from

Simple Smudging Ritual

• Smudging is the ritual of cleaning the energy of a physical space, object or person. If you have a meditation ritual, you can burn Sage or Palo Santo before your practice. This will help prepare your energy and mind for meditation and allow you to more easily connect.

• First you start with a simple intention of focusing on clearing the negative energy out of your space and mind.

• Once you have your intention in mind, light the Sage or Palo Santo and hold at a 45-degree angle pointing the tip down towards the flame. Allow it to burn for 30 seconds and then blow it out.

• Place it on any heat-proof burning surface like an abalone shell, a traditional vessel used by Indigenous American people that represents the element of water.

• If left to rest the stick will smolder and release smoke for approximately 5 mins. If used for smudging, walk around the room, space, object or person, fanning the smoke over its entirety, whilst focusing on cleansing and clearing negative energy.

• Once you’ve finished smudging and removed the negative energy, you must push positive energy into the space to maintain balance. To do this, declare your intention out loud or silently in your head.

*from Blain Bovee’s Sabian Symbols

Aquarius Art by Mystic SoulWork

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